Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My first blog

Who would think I have time for this.....Being a mom to Seven and Nana to one, I have decided to take some time each day for "ME" to connect with other moms, friends, & family. My life is far from dull , Somtimes I just need an outlet to share the trials and of course funny moments of my day. Sooo here I'am ready to blog.
I guess a little about me other than being a mom to a our little Army....I'am 35 years old, Married to My Hubby Alan...our children range from 19,13,10,8,5,3,19 months.....and the famous question that everyone asks is "Are you done"....It used to offend me everytime someone would ask or make some silly comments as "dont you have a TV" but now I embrace The questions , people are curious and what better thing can I think of talking about is my family. I have been so very blessed to have seven children....everyday is a unique experiance and brings upon its own sets of challenges, my days are crazy and chaotic.....and there is nothing I would change ( o.k except for the 4+ loads of laundry I do each day)
So feel free to ask me anything....I'am hoping to become a certified Doula...I love talking about childbirth, breastfeeding, and each stage that we come across as they grow.
I guess thats it for now......looking forward to this new blogging adventure :)