Sunday, January 25, 2009

My first win

O.k so I have been really into entering these contests lately in more of an effort to buy mom made products ...Which I LOVE!!! The other day I got an email stating that I had one a Beautiful Bookmark on I have had such a bad stream of luck latley this made my day. I will post pictures and blog all about it one It arrives. I think I will use this in my personal journal or will be just perfect.

Long day here....have 2 differnt Birthday Parties to go to and 2 Basketball games......busy busy....It is Freezing out!!!! I'am dreading bringing all these little ones out in the cold...YUCK!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Its Saturday Another weekend Alan is gone again!!!! He flew out to Tallahassee home 2am this morning and is already on the road again for a store sale NY. I know I should not be complaining as he is a HARD worker and does well providing for his family but man does Mommy need a break :( Running the show solo I do get used to , but having the 3 extra children I watch, doing my McDonalds Job 30+hrs a week, taking care of the house, running the kids to all the activities, and trying to deal with getting ready to sell and to find a new house and preparing for my oldest daughter and her family on their move its really challenging.......I can do it, it will all work out, but just a day to re-charge would be exactly what I need. Adding to the stress is this COLD winter we are having.....I hate the winters, I literally do not leave the house untill I HAVE to ( games,church,grocery store ect) I become a total hermit. I'am looking forward to going with Alan house shopping with him for a day or 2 simply to get away from this Nasty cold weather & snow.....I'am soooo done with it!!!!

On a lighter note.....Jonathan started using the potty the day before he turned 20 months old.....he is really doing well, tells me when he has to go and just runs to the potty, however if I dont shut the door ....he has "oh so much fun" playing with the tiolet & the toilet paper......Man the mess this child makes....surely is the reason how I managed to keep the weight off. And now he is jumping not out of his crib ( although he CAN do that) but he has learned to BALANCE on the headboard of the crib and jump backwards onto the mattress.....The child is CRAZY!!!!!! mind you SEVEN children NO STICHES, NO BROKEN BONES........JONATHAN has officially broken that record, he already has had stitches on the top of his foot ( 6 to be exact) and severed his big left toe with 3 breaks, putting him on a round of IV antibiotics for the open break, 5 stitches, and 2 visits to the Pediatric surgeon.......and NONE of it slowed him down.

But I sure do love the little guy.....he is such a Mommy's boy....and I love it!!! although I'am trying to put an end to the nursing ( he is 20 months old) and as of lately he wont even take a cup, he comes running top me yelling "boob boob" "boob boob" I dont know how to even begin to stop him, I felt like I have tried different measures but nothing has worked!!!! do I continue to nurse him until after our trip to Disney....thinking that might help with the plane ride??? do I wait until after we move?? Any suggestions??? you would think with the amount of children I have nursed I would know this answer.....I'am really having such a hard time with it. maybe I should just keep nursing until I get Pregnant again and then call it quits??? I guess only time will tell......I just hope it is sooner rather than later :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another year older :(

Well I'am officially another year older.....I feel as the years pass I find out more and more who I'am as a person and who I want to be......The best mom, wife and friend. I'am more at peace and content with my life now...than I was say 15, 10 and even 5 years ago. So many things happend in 2008 that made me cherish who I have in my life.
For some reason...not even really sure exactly why, but I just dont get into Birthdays, they always kind of depress me in some way.....maybe its coincidence that January always seems to be a hard time of year anyway and I get very depressed during these winter months. But today I really had one of the best Birthdays ever. My kids and husband woke me up with Hugs and kisses little Jarrett was so sweet hiding behind this BIG 'ol grin so excited to say good morning to me. I had so many Birthday post on my new addiction "facebook" and then Jessica had come over with the little boys, a freshley baked coffee cake (Yummeeee!!) , the most sweetest card ever, and my favorite little Figurines "Willow Tree" and it was sisters by heart. My reason for not wanting to move is soley based on not having her around, I'am freindly with lots of people but there are only a few I would REALLY consider close to ( Which I like it that way) Jane , Jessica , Lisa & Laura and our children get along so well, I just cant imaging leaving them :(
Hubby brought home cake & flowers, the kids all gave me my favorite homeade cards.....What every mommy treasures....and we all watched American Idol now I'am sitting here watching LOST and praying that Alans interview goes well tommorrow, I know he is stressed over it, but I know he will do great.
What a busy day today but it really was great :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BIg News

Some very Big news for us here....Last week Alan was told he will be relocating for his job.......

to the Tallahassee he has a pretty wide range of where his Stores are going to be located so we really can go to Alabama,Gorgia, of right now it looks like we are leaning twards Thomasville Gorgia......I have lived in Massachusettes my ENTIRE life.....grew up in the same town until I got married where we only moved 20 min away...everything I know has been here....we have welcomed and raised all our children here.....It really still seems "sureal".

Despite the fact that leaving my Best freinds & parents & grandmother behind, I'am actually looking quite forward to the move. I HATE New England weather.....I always say I wish summer would last longer.....this week is supposed to be the coldest it has been in a long time in the - numbers......BRRRRRR!!!! Alan fly's out next week to get introduced to his new area, and after that is ALL going to hit me at once.

We have found some beautiful homes with lots of rooms for any other additions we might add *wink*wink* ( now what would a house be without christening it with a new baby) And enough space to have FREQUENT Guests.....I'am determind that the kids will continue with their friendships they have here in their best friends are truley more like family and each of them have someone special them.....I'am already excited to have a big sleep over, take kids on school is temporarily keeping me sane from thinking of the emotions of leaving them :( NOW....If I can convince the Jane & Jessica to ship their kids down....we would be very happy!!

I'am anxious to start a new chapter in our lives.....Alan and I had such a stressful 2008.....I really feel this is going to be a welcomed change for us.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

What a nice Saturday

Well Its the last Saturday of the kids school Vacation and before Alan goes back to work.

We live in a pretty quiet town...and have some wonderful local farms and dairys, one of our favorites is West Hill....its a little country store with and cows,goats,chickens, and Ice cream bar and mini golf also has some GREAT big hills that overlook a beautiful pond, when it snows thats the first place the kids want to bring their sleds too. So with my little limping Jonathan and all the other kids in tote, we took a trip over. It was about 12- out and overcast, the only plus was there was no wind. The kids had an absolute BLAST!!!! Mommy of course with her Asthma just enjoyed watching them and taking pictures......poor Makenna did a major head plant that she was really upset about, and Jonthan just smiled away.....I had to put 4 pairs of my socks on him to protect his little foot (his socks are too tight and he cant wear shoes).

Today we decided to go see "Bedtime Stories" I love Adam Sandler....I think he is just so funny.
All the kids really enjoyed it. We typically dont go to the movie theater, but with it being the end of vacation and Jarretts Birthday in a few days we thought it would be a fun treat.
Jarrett wore his Birthday crown and loved that everyone kept saying "Happy Birthday" to him.

Now its time to play "Pictureka" our new family favorite board game, before we head out to Mallory's Soccer game.

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Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years with a Bang!!!!!

Well......Its 2009 Happy New Year!!! Good riddens 2008, There were a few postive things that did happen last year, but overall it was a Very rough year, and I'am really looking forward to a Healthy, Happy, & Postive New year.

We Started off New Years Eve Celebrating our Second oldest daughter Melissa's 13th Birthday, we let her invite a few close friends for a sleepover....we got all the typical New Years bash party items, like hats,horns,necklaces...put out a little buffet for the girls, had them decorate their own cupcakes and make bracelets...It went really very well. Hubby , myself, and our youngest children all settled in bed by 10-10:30.....the "party" girls did make it until midnight...but were quiet dissapointed in the Big Ball dropping...not as impressive as they thought it was going to be.

New Years Day we all woke up later than normal....Melissa's friends had all left by 10:00, no sooner did they leave and Baby Jonanthan cut his foot...I'am typically not one to rush the kids off for stitches ( after many LONG waits in the waiting room I have learned I ONLY go to the ER when I have to) Looking at his foot I surely needed to be stitched. We got to the ER and waited, and seemed like every sick person in the world was there....I almost wish I did not take him wondering what on earth he was going to come home with (Yuck!!!) He is such a little trooper....barely even cried and as usual had all the nurses and other patients giving him tons of attention and he was eating it up :)

So 6 stitches later we got home, he did really well until the numbing agent wore off and then it really started bothering him, the location of it is on top of his foot were it bends so its making it hard for him to walk without it hurting....My poor little bubba.

So there you have it thats how we spent our new year.....someone mentioned to me its all the bad things getting out of the way now....I sure hope thats the case and that this is not an insight of what my year is going to be.....wait let me rephrase that....My New Year is going to be is to staying positive and taking it all in Day by Day.

Wishing the Best to all my Family & Freinds for 2009!!!