Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This is one of our families favorite meals they ALL 7 kids love....never an argument or a sigh when it comes to Taco Night!!!! So why not set aside time with your family once a month for "Family Taco Night?" Old El Paso offers a variety of seasonings, sides, sauces and meal kits as simple solutions for a night of catching up with the family over a delicious taco dinner. To satisfy your mexican style cravings, the Old El Paso line up of products includes chilies,dinner kits, dips and sides, enchilada sauce, refried beans, seasoning mixes, shells, taco sauce and salsa. The Old El Paso seasoning mix includes flavors like Burrito, Cheasy Taco, Chili, Fajita, Taco, Mild taco and even a seasoning with 40% less sodium. For a fun twist on Taco Night, be sure to try one of the delicious recipes below.

*Double Layer Tacos Old El Paso favorite recipe! Layered taco shells and tortillas create the "double" in beef and bean stuffed tacos.

* Chicken Ranch Taco's Need a new idea for a 30-minute dinner? Here's a twist on tacos using precooked chicken.

To Keep your family laughing at the dinner table , have some fun with EL Tacodor, the world's only Family Taco Night Game> With El Tacodor, your family can share a special night at home by challenging one another to quick fire trivia, wordplay and pantomime. Visit today to download instructions, score card, and challenge sheet.

To Enter to win a Old El Paso Frize pack which includes : Old El Paso Taco seasoning, A Cactus Chip & Dip Serving dish , a set of 3 Fiesta Chili pepper serving dishes and a $10 gift card to purchase your fixings.

Winner will be anounced by random generator on December 8th

* Tell me which recipe you would try
* Share your favorite aspect of coming together for Taco night
* Share this link on Facebook
* 3 extra enteries if you blog about this and send them here

Pay it Forward

Today is Pay it Forward personally I think we should focus on this everyday in our lives, but at least for today I would really like to encourage everyone to take a moment and think about someone else......go out of the way to do somthing nice, it could be a small as holding a door open to buying a cup of coffee for the person behind you. Have your children make Christmas cards for our troops,our Veterans, our seniors. We need to start teaching our children KINDNESS.....we have lost sight of that in our "spoiled" society.

I would love to hear what YOU did today to pay it forward!!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Million Morning Smiles Giveaway by Pillsbury

If your morning is anything like ours make it a better morning with Pillsubury Toaster Strudel frozen pastries. A simple pleasure with sweet filling, creamy icing and flaky crust, Pillsbury Toaster Strudel pastries are somthing the whole family will want to eat -- and decorate too! Since every Toaster Strudel pastry can be personalized with your own icing design. Your Family can gather around the table to kick off the day with a fun delight that will keep everyone smiling. My children love Toaster Strudels ...Strawberry is their favorite. Stay tuned for pictures of our "Doodle a Strudel" morning :)

NOW.....You have the chance to show Pillsbury what kind of icing artist you are with the "Doodle on a Strudel" Facebook application. Visit Pillsbury on Facebook and click on the virtual Toaster Strudel pastry.

Want to smile even more? Pillsbury is also giving YOU the chance to win Toaster Strudel pastries for a month through "A Million Morning Smiles" sweepstakes with hover 2,000 winners per week simply visit and enter to win four boxes of Toaster Strudel from now through February 7, 2011

I'am also giving away to one of my readers a Pillsbury "Million Morning Smiles" prize pack that includes a large size Pillsbury Doughboy Electronic Giggle doll, along with a smiley face-themed mug, place mat, and stress ball. To participate, you simply need to do 4 things.

1. Post my link of facebook and comeback and tell me that you did
2. Tell me your favorite morning routine with your children
3. Tell me what makes you smile
4. Tell me what you would doodle on your strudel

You can also gain 1 extra entry for each new follower you reffer, but please make sure they put your name so you gain the credit.

Giveaway ends Tuesday December 7th

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

October is here

Gosh it has been a while since I have posted. Soooo much has happend this past year I could write a book. To make the long version short after my husband lost his job we packed up and moved fromn Georgia back to Massachusettes, moved in with my family for 6 months and I can honestly say it was the hardest 6 months I have ever experianced...I'll just leave it at that. Our previous builder heard about our situation and generously offered to help us get into a new home again....provisions were 1. Alan had to find a job 2. we needed to sell our home in Georgia, after many many sleepless nights and prayers we finally sold the house and Alan accepted a job offer with Dunkin brands which has since been a whole new way of life for us.....and it is TRUE all things do happen for a reason!!

We are in our New home in Northbridge which I back on a cul-de-sac its wonderful for our children to run outside riding their bikes, or running in the really is just perfect.

Its chaotic as ever with the kids schedules....everyone is in school this year except for Jonathan, Jarrett started kindergarten and despite what everyone else thought ( because mommy did know best) He has done GREAT!!! he has Makenna's old kindergarten teacher and she is a perfect fit for him. Melissa started High School this year is also transitioned very well, she not only made the field hockey team, but made the varsity team....which was a huge thing for a freshman. Mallory and Jordan are both in the Middle School and are great students and also busy with many sports activities. And our Miss Makenna is in second grade still SUCH a peanut.

I have started watching kids since moving into the new house, and currently have 2 that I watch on a regular basis and it keeps Jonathan from getting "too" Bored :)

I'am also teaching 7th grade CCD this year a big change from teaching pre-k

Alan and I have never been happier in all our married years, its so nice that we have a real "family" now , his crazy schedule before left me being a single mom of 7 in many ways as his job before placed such unrealistic demands on him, truley him losing his job was the BEST thing that has happend...despited the stress and turmoil we dealt with it has all worked out. So now that I finally have some stabilty back I'am looking forward to blogging again, and posting many giveaway links.

October is just a day away so Happy Fall Y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Enter to win a package from YOPLAIT

Well now that I will have a little free time I decided to start getting back to my until I post just thought I would share a link for a giveaway from my friend and Yoplait. So check it out