Friday, November 27, 2009

The Winner is :

#17 Anonymous said They like the crayola website, the glowboard looks cool.

I will make contact with you in the next day to send Crayola your shipping info.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Inspirational Quote Of The Day

I do not wish you joy without a sorrow,
Nor endless day without the healing dark,

Nor brilliant sun without the restful shadows,

Nor tides that never turn against your barque.

I wish you love and faith and strength and wisdom.

Goods , gold enough to help some needy one.

I wish you songs but also blessed silence.

And God's sweet peace when every day is done.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Almost there

So its been a few weeks now since Alan was let go, although we have gone through so many emotions, I have to be honest and say its been rather nice having him around, I cant remember the last time I have had him around to not only help with the kids but also enjoy them, we are finally getting that opportunity to not only connect as a couple , but to enjoy our large family and really appreciate the reasons why we chose to have 7 children . In the midst of packing and organizing we have been able to sit down and watch movies of the children when they were younger, look through the baby books and see how many fun and happy times we have had being the parents to a great bunch of kids, It has truley been an eye opener for us both. We know that this is a new beggining for our family.....we had a short stay here in Georgia, but look at it as an "adventure" the kids got to see another part of our great country, we were able to take them to places that they might not have seen, Its been fun but its time to move on.
Alan has 4 interviews set up for when we arrive back into Massachusetts, he has had nothing but support from the people who he has previously worked with many of them wanting to re-hire him and we have NO doubt he will find somthing and be able to do a great job at it, however with a much different approach, Its been such a huge transformation and SUCH a nice one for him to see that although he has to work, he does not have sacrifice his family life for it. I have not seen him so relaxed about going back to the corporate world as he is now.

We have also along this journey know the people that are really truley there for you...again another lesson learned. And for the friends who have supported us and are heartfelt over him losing his job I'am thankful.

The house is 75% packed, my father arrives next week to help drive one of the rental trucks back to Ma for our 20+ hour drive. I swear if we get through this I'am going to write a book.

I'am so proud at how the kids are all taking this in stride, granted some days do have the challenges more so with Melissa as she is really starting to make some good friends, she made the girls basketball team so for her its going to be the hardest.

Jordan is very happy to see all his old friends but has also gained such confidence this year being on the High honors list for second term is HUGE for him, and he has worked and focused hard to get there and I feel for him and hope he can maintain that once he starts back home.

The younger children they are pretty go with the flow, Mallory is going to miss the neighbor girl across the street.... but is going back to her Best Buddy back home and thats ALL we have heard about for weeks now.
Makenna also is really anxious to see her friends and Jarrett I'am such an emotional wreck over as he has grown SO much since starting Pre-K , his teachers adore him and I'am going to be so sad to leave them for taking such good care of my little guy.

But I cant tell you how excited I'am to see our oldest daughter Meghan and our grandbaby!! I think it must have been a sign when I would have daily dreams about waking up and driving to all the places I used to have to go everyday....maybe it was Gods way of telling me that we should not have left.

We are spending Thanksgiving over our friends house whom also moved down here in Georgia from Massachusetts to work and we are really going to miss them. They are cooking dinner for us and its going to be a nice day.

As difficult as things seem at times I'am very Thankful and wish all my family and freinds Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. I hope everyone takes a moment to really think about the people they have in their lives and be truley grateful.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just figured I would post some pictures of the kids enjoying the Crayola Color Explosion Glow Dome. As you can see they had a blast!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

My Very FIRST Giveway from CRAYOLA

I'am so excited as I'am finally able to offer my very first Giveaway.

Last week Crayola contacted me to review 3 of their new products.
As a mom of seven all my children have grown up using and loving Crayola products, so for me this was such a fun opportunity and my children were anxious for that box of colorful goodies to arrive.

We excitedly opened this great big box full of terrific crayola products. The first one that caught their eye was the " CRAYOLA COLOR EXPLOSION GLOW DOME " I even had the two children I watch in the afternoon over 8 kids sat eagerly awaiting me to read the directions, put the batteries in and get started.

The verdict.....THEY LOVED IT!!!!! everyone from my 2yr old to the 14 year old

It comes with 4 bright colored markers, and a handfull of templats to trace on the dome, a plastic insert to trace on that goes inside the dome. The children each picked a color and doodled all over the globe ,some of them used templats some just drew free hand. My daycare child Abby drew on the insert ( which happend to be a scuba diver) we then placed the dome over the insert and hit the series of buttons, and WOW it was a MAGICAL animated underwater light show!!! There are different setting for how fast you want it to turn, how you want the lighs to strobe. It was a true hit!!!

My kids have used it daily as a night light and change the "design" each night.

So now its my turn to offer YOU one for yourself. What a great gift this would make with Christmas and the Holidays around the corner AND it retails for $29.99

I will pick one winner and this CRAYOLA COLOR EXPLOSION GLOW DOME will be shipped directly to you from Crayola.

There are four ways to enter. Heres how......( just be sure to add all entries/comments below the my original post)

1. Visiting
They are having a FANTASTIC sweepstakes right now....just come back and post which gift of creativity you would choose.

2. become a follower of my blog

3. post this link to my Crayola giveaway on Facebook

4. What is your favorite Holiday Tradition to do with your children.

Note: winner will be selected by random name generator
Contest ends midnight November 26, 2009, winner will be announced November 27th

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Moving on......

Yup....we are officially moving on. House in now on the market, I have been selling off some furniture, we are ready to move back home. I have missed my family and friends dearly. I can't begin to tell you how ready we are for this. Granted this "new" adventure of moving down south was pretty exciting...we enjoyed seeing a new lifestyle, and another part of the country, but I KNOW things are going to be a much happier ,much less stressful way of life now ...and that is totally off setting all the stress and anger of him losing his job.

Learned a big lesson and I think more so for him....he gave his all for 27yrs and it goes to show you such a large Corporation all you are is a number, you hold no real value no matter how many hours a day you put in or how many years you have committed to the end of the day it is what THEY will gain...not taking care of people.

So Tonight I'am putting up my first official Giveaway from stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Very Bittersweet Day Here

Well we found out Alan lost his job today. The man has spent 27yrs working for McDonalds putting in endless hours sometimes being gone for days at a time to find out that His pay ended today........ here is a trash bag go take everything out of your car and here is the cab fair for your ride home.....all I can say is WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!

I'am disgusted how they handled it, and even toss around flaming them, but I also look at it as this is a new chapter....there have been more times than I care to count that he has not been able to attend a school functions,sports, field trips, the birth of his grandaughter...ALL because he worked to hard to get somewhere that was just not meant to be.

We are sad that we will be leaving some wonderful friends behind, and that is a part he is struggling with as well. But we are able to try and go back in hopes to re-build a small portion of what we left behind. I will get to Hug my daughter and tell her how proud we are of her, I will get to squeeze my grandbaby who breaks my heart that I have missed some milestones in the short 6 months here, My children will be able to see their great grandmother who we missed her 90th Birthday....I have lots to go back to despite how TOUGH its going to be....I dont even know how we are going to do it not only financially, but emotionally and physically.....but I have faith that God will lead us in the right direction.

When one door closes another opens.....I'am a true believer of that.

So please wish us luck as we start again in the packing process and our long trek back up to Massachusetts we will deffinetly need it.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

What to do what to do???

Just a quick little blup here as we are trying to sort through what we need to do, but a brief rundown is

After being moved to Southern Georgia, it looks like my husband is going to lose his job. Hopefully we will get the word on Tuesday.

Sooooo do we stay here and have him find a new job

Or do we move back to Massachusetts to be back with my Family & freinds and see what he can find up there.

So many decisions to make.....the two of us are "fried" right now.

Wish us luck and keep us in your prayers.

Everything is meant to happen for a reason we shall where we end up.

SUPER stroller giveaway from CLASSY MOMMY

Thursday, November 5, 2009 1769825

I can feel it coming

A cold that is.... maybe I'am just exhausted from running a busy household, adding 2 extras after school mon-fri or maybe its the persitant worring about Alans Job. This 80-90 hr work week is just not cutting it, not only is he stressing him self out right now but its trickling on down. I do my very best to stay upbeat no matter what situation is thrown at me....I just roll with it all. But recently I just feel he is nothing more than a # in a company that he has given 27 years of his life to......guess it is what it is. He is home this week and I plan on taking advantage of it,and hoping to enjoy the week with him. In the meantime I'am going to take some Nyquil....drink some tea with raw honey and get a GOOD night sleep :)

Back to blogging

O.k Yes I have not been here in a while...guess I just find that I post so much on facebook that what more is there to know :) but recently I had NEW BALANCE as well as CRAYOLA contact me to do reviews on their products, so I figured I better start getting back into the swing of things. So please stay tuned as one lucky reader will win a Crayola Color Explosion Glow Dome....More details to come.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Disney On Ice Celebrations! in Atlanta (Giveaway - 10/2) | 5 Vinez Monkeys

Disney On Ice Celebrations! in Atlanta (Giveaway - 10/2) 5 Vinez Monkeys

O.k so now that I live in Georgia how could I pass up sharing this Awesome giveaway by 5 Vinez Monkeys.
We are HUGE Disney fans in this Family . Alan and I spent our Honeymoon there 15 years ago and have since passed the tradition of celebrating many special occasions there.
My children have grown up loving all the Disney Characters and all the special memories it has held for us as a family from bringing our newborns and now seeing them as pre-teens and still having that same excitement each time we go . Would love to be able to take them to Disney on Ice.
Check out the link for a chance to win this great family package.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009 - A product of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette - A product of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette

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I cant believe a year has passed since Maddies accident.....Its AMAZING to see how well she has recovered and that even the scar is barely visible. I'am sad not to be able to give her a big hug today now that we moved states away. Love you and miss you dearly Madison.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Paxil Withdrawal Symptoms

The Paxil Withdrawal Symptoms

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Thankful Thursday

What Am I thankful for today.....Well so much for to be thankful for not sure where to begin as this is my first "Thankful Thursday" post.

So this week I'am very thankful for the peace that I have found in my life, overcoming some pretty crappy times, but always having faith that things get better. The past 2 years have been such a growing time for me both spiritually , physically & emotionally.

I'am thankful that my children have adjusted to our new lifes so well, they have amazed me in how they have just rolled with it all. During the day now when its just me and little Jonathan at home I often find myself getting weepy over just how very lucky I'am ....things are not always perfect and thats O.K, but I have a great life and for that I'am thankful.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lots of little Critters

Well now that school is in full swing its been pretty quiet here.....Just me and Jonathan now at home.....very strange considering just a few months ago I had not only my 7 children at home but our grandbaby Marley and her thats a house full of 9 kids....and now I just have ONE.....Like I said....really very strange.....I think both Jonathan and myself are trying to adjust to having a quiet house.
Our routine usually begins by getting everyone up and ready and out the door for 7am, I jump in the shower and drive Jarrett to school ( he is still overwhelmed by the bus) but considering he is only 4 I have NO complaints and actually enjoy driving, I end up going to the classroom and get to hang out with him and the class for about an hour or two, we get back home and I turn on Disney channel for him while I get caught up on my McDonalds work ...just the paperwork aspect and do my calls when/if he takes a nap, we then have lunch and take a walk out to the lake.......the other day I stopped in my tracks thinking that we had stumbled upon a scorpion....when we got closer noticed it was a crawfish, Jonathan was squeeling with excitement as he poked it with a stick until we turned him loose back to his home, we counted 27 turtles sitting on 2 logs in the lake which sit out there all day bathing in the sun until we get closer and they all plop back into the water, as we made our way back to the house we saw a frog that Jonathan refers to as "wibbet" and we put him in our little frog house for the other kids to see when they get home. We get up to the deck to find one of the tiniest lizzards.....the kids just love catching and playing with them but some of them are so darn fast they are hard to grab....well this one was so small he didnt run and just let us pick him up, he crawled up our arms and just let us watch him for quite some time until it was time for the little guy to go back home like all the other critters we had found. Its been so much fun just exploring outside with the kids and I love they get the "hands on" that I think kids really need. So me and my baby boy had a fun day , and with all that excitement he still did not want to take a nap ??

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another week

So Another week has again passed....The kids survived another week of School however....Swine Flu is running rampid in the schools 20 confirmed cases just in the middle being Melissa's friend .... Alan and myself both ended up getting it
( we have tried to keep it low key as to NOT freak the kids out)
....the children also had a touch of somthing....not sure what?? but each and everyone of them have complained of feeling crappy. Even still its been a week now and I just cant catch my energy back, but 100% better than how I was feeling and as we all know EVERYTHING happens at once, well the day before I started feeling really yucky, my tooth which I known has been cracked for a while started really bothering me, I can handle ANY pain but mouth pain...Sunday I was miserable and left a message with the dentist Praying that I could be seen, but not really thinking they would get me in.....and they DID!!! I hate going to the dentist have panic attacts about going and get myself all worked up....well this Dentist was wonderful!!! totally put me at ease....knew how tense I was and really took the time to make me feel comfortable......and I had Makenna & Jonathan with me that day....and he was totally understanding of me bringing them in.....they sat there for well over an hour and were sooooo good.....THANK GOSH!!! I think they really knew how much pain I was and did not dare to move.
The kids have been fighting terribly the past few days......I'am sure its all this adjustment going to a new school, getting used to the routine, ect....but the past few days are really driving me batty.
Jonathan is about 90% potty trained.....even wakes up dry during the I have not purchased diapers in 2 weeks.....I did get pull up pants.....but only because I had a GREAT coupon I got in the mail , along with this cute potty training kit .

Jarrett has really surprised both Alan and I ....he is loving school!!!! He is beyond anxious every morning to get ready, and comes home all smiles off the bus , but initially getting him in the classroom is a chore......he will cry for about 3 min and is fine....We are so proud of him as he has only been with one other person other than me or Alan , which is our good friend Jane .....she was the only person he has ever gone for him to leave us and stay all day
( 7am-4pm) is just somthing we really did not expect him to do.
Makenna did have one difficult day.....but we seem to have worked out why....Long story , but they have put her in a gifted class....and some of the children in the class are 8yrs old....and she is SUPER tiny to begin with so this seemed to be quite intimidating to her....but all is good for now :)
Weekend is over ....back to work
here is a picture of my little guy before school.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SlimPerfect (Review & Giveaway - 8/26) | 5 Vinez Monkeys#c2495757944076574393

SlimPerfect (Review & Giveaway - 8/26) 5 Vinez Monkeys#c2495757944076574393
O.K after having 7 babies my body has not been kind to me to say the least. I'am of small frame but all the constant weight gain, loss,gain,loss it has left me so very self concious of my body....especially when it comes to wearing a bathing suit. I saw that Angie of 5 Vinez Monkeys had recently posted about this slim perfect suit and I instantly knew this could be an answer to my prayers......I'am always outside by the pool with the kids....and I hate having people see me.....these suits look so slimming and at the cost they are right now I could not resist, buying not only one but TWO suits.....I got them in two different sizes to ensure one would fit. Check out the promo code and grab one for yourself :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

What a week

And its NOT over!!!
So last weekend we took the kids to Jacksonville , FL for the weekend. We went to Amelia Island which was just so beautiful.....I think I liked it even more than the gulf coast as it was not so "comercial" it was very quaint and quiet....the beach was not packed just a few other people so you were not shoulder to shouler with others ( which I DONT like when I'am at the beach) I like to sit in quiet and enjoy watching my children, without having to watch everyone else around me. We loved that the tide was out, and the beach was covered with shells....the kids and myself had the biggest kick out of just searching for all those "perfect" ones to take home with us. Mallory insisted on bagging up some sand so she can send it to her friend Lizzy in Massachusettes ( they have such a connection...Mallory knows she would appreciate it...and be excited)
We headed to diner at Sticky Fingers....all I have to say is was probably the BEST dinner we have had out in a long time. We rarely get out to eat and when we do we are always having to wait to be seated because of our size party.....and just plain and simple now a'days people dont have the "work hard" ethic like they used to , waiter/waitresses have ZERO personality....and take forever...and food is usually not even great. But this place here, we walked into ....instantly greeted AND seated.....the waitress was super nice....anitcipated my little ones breakdowns coming and distracted them with shirly temples,crayons,coloring books & animal crackers.........Both Alan and I got ribs.....and on the table they have 6 BBQ sauces to try....Mmmmm it was so yummy, it was such a great experiance I emailed the company to tell them what a terrific visit we felt good to give + feedback to a place well deserved.

The next morning we woke up and went to St. Augustine.....again another beautiful place to go.....we went to "Ripleys believe it or not " museum, loved that it was pretty inexpensive for a family of 8 to get in ($52) not bad....the kids enjoyed looking at all the "freakish" and weird stuff they had, plus it was inside and air conditioned :)

left there and made our 3hr drive home where we had to stop at Walmart totally last minute to get the kids school supplies....Soooooooooo not fun, it was tax relief day and the store was PACKED!!! we made it out alive with 6 VERY cranky kids ....fed them a bowl of cereal, laid out their school clothes and off to bed they went. is here!!!! the kids woke up saying it was like Chirstmas eve...they were so excited they could not sleep. Melissa was the most nervous.....the other kids were all rearing to go. Despite some minor bus issues ( on my part) everyone made it and had a great day.
We then got a call a day later to tell us Jarrett made the lottery for the Pre-K program.
If you dont know Jarrett he is my little piece of velcro that is attached to me at the hip DAILY....he has only ever stayed at my friend Janes house other than that he has NEVER stayed with anyone....( not even my mom or dad) so this was a HUGE thing for him to be able to I was not hung up on it if he went he went if not It was fine too....he is only 4 so I was happy and content having him home, I wanted him to go simply to realize he can leave my side and he will have fun..........and guess what he loves it. We are so proud of him, part of me is completly sad that he went pretty easily, the other part I'am weepy because it means he is growing up.

More news is Meghan finally got her license.....WOOOHOOO!!!! and she has been driving herself to school and back.....I give her so much credit as I would never even attempt driving into the City and she does it everyday. She has her second interview with Starbucks tommorrow and I'am hoping she gets the job. Its so nice to see things getting better for her.....being down here we feel helpless, but also feel like maybe she needed this "push" as she did reley on us for so much ( but hey isnt that our job )

Alan has been working like a mad mad.....Some of his stores are beyond anything I have seen the hell some of these people made it to management REALLY scares me and disgusts me to see how much $$ they are making when hard working people who need jobs cant get them.....the system is so screwed up!!! last week he worked close to 90 hours.......YES 90 hours!!!! I keep on his case that he CANT do that, and he ended up getting totally run down. He does have an Apt to see a new Dr. Down here which we researched extensively as we were somewhat dissapointed in the Dr. we saw in Milford.....Yeah we wont go there!!!

I'am getting closer and closer to being done with the week I start the last of the steps to get off of it......I NEVER knew how hard this would be. I guess the side effects I'am still having are the headaches ( terrible migrane mon/tues) ,numbness/tingling in my face, and the dizziness,but it has beed gradually getting less and less. I have been doing a more holistic approach to managing it all and I'am pretty pleased.

Well Lots to share this week, so I wont bore anyone who reads this much longer.
Busy week and guess having no form of adult conversation can start to get old :(

Friday, July 31, 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Buy By Mom Blog: Tastefully Simple (Giveaway - 8/12)

Buy By Mom Blog: Tastefully Simple (Giveaway - 8/12)

Another giveaway....and this is a YUMMY one!!!!!
I LOVE food!!! I think probably too much, Tastefully Simple, has some really great products. Know I have heard of them before but never had the oppertunity to check out a catalog or see any of their items.....and I have to say I deffinetly think I will be ordering some of my own regarless of If I win or not.
One of my "Big" daily treats for the day is making a smoothie of somesort, they have a White Chocolate Mousee Chiller that just looks delicious....and for under $10 its a great "Me"gift.
Check out the link or go to for all the other Great giveaways .... :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Buy By Mom Blog: Angela Vinez Designs (Giveaway - 8/10)

Buy By Mom Blog: Angela Vinez Designs (Giveaway - 8/10)

Alright so all these links I have been posting here and on Facebook they all begin with this wonderful lady and owner of ....ANGIE, she is an amazing mom of 5 ( yes there are other crazy ladies like me out there) and she is SUPER talented. I dont know how she does it all, but she is truley amazing. She herself is offering a great giveaway this week, but before you enter be sure you check her other site
Angela Vinez Designs.....I cant even begin to tell you the adorable items she personal favorite is the "Drew Bag" that you can personalize with your childs picture....and all that know me know how much I LOVE personalized items ....especially when it comes to my kids. So check out her site and tell her that Julie sent you over ;)

Buy By Mom Blog: K.J. Designs & Boutique (Giveaway - 8/8)

Buy By Mom Blog: K.J. Designs & Boutique (Giveaway - 8/8)

So I'am a huge fan of jewelry especially handmade, Angie on has another great give away. Click the link above to see these beautiful one of a kind pieces, also wickless candles and more :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28th

Well another few weeks have passed and its time for me to jot my thoughts down.
Alans Parents came out for a visit this past weekend, I have to say it was a very nice visit other than being totally pooped out....Alan was away to Orlando for the entire week, so I was running the show you would think I do this all the time I would be used to it, but just starting work again, and back to having trouble sleeping, I was exhausted when Friday came and that was the day both Alan and his parents arrived.
It was nice that the kids got some attention from someone other than Mommy & Daddy. They took both Melissa & Jordan out golfing, His mom let Mallory make a Banana Cream pie with her ( a tradition everytime we see his parents) and took the little boys out to get some Thomas Trains. Sunday we all went to the Tallahassee Mall and they got each of the kids new clothes for school. This was a HUGE treat as we dont have granparents, aunts, or uncles who do things like that for the kids.....they ONLY get gifts for Birthdays and this was a really big deal for them.....and for us too.

I'am on my last few weeks of the Paxil....this is my lowest dose and although it is wreaking havock on my sleep patterns....I'am so HAPPY to be almost done. The headaches & nausea are getting much better, but I'am back to being up all night....such a pain, but maybe once the kids are in school I can at least take a nap during the day.

I have also been trying to look online about acupuncture and natural remedies....
My back is also having major issues but that is purely from carrying and giving birth to 7 babies......which really has done some damage. Jordan ( love him to death) but swear he is the one who did me in, and then Mallory being a big baby 8lbs 9oz shortly after him and so on and so on.....I just need to get it back to where it was.
Alan is on vacation the remainder of the week, we are heading out to Amelia Island on Thursday , I'am looking forward to watching the kids find shells and relax on the beach, before Monday when they all go back to hard to believe!!!

Meghan also starts school this week back at Paul Mitchell and also tries for her license tommorrow.....She really needs this so I hope it goes well. She is SO incredibly artistic, she has been making things to sell on Etsy...and recently made me a shirt for someone as a birthday gift.....It came out AMAZING!!! It was for a little boy and it was Power Rangers with the little boys name , all hand painted and truley one of a kind.,.....I will post pictures when I can.

For now here is a picture of Marley.....she is getting so big!!!! Thank goodness for the internet becuase we miss them so much .

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Buy By Mom Blog: Contempo Jewelry Designs (Giveaway - 8/1)

Buy By Mom Blog: Contempo Jewelry Designs (Giveaway - 8/1)

Here is a link for another give away on
I'am such a fan of homemade jewelry, and Contemp Jewlry Designs have such unique and beautfil items I had to share them.
for the past year or so I have become such a fan of ETSY and have been purchasing many items for all sorts of differnt sellers, all of them are
handmade and one of a kind. I'am so happy to have found another place to shop for myself and gifts as well :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 18th

Another Saturday....another day of yard work.....Jordans new chore is to take care of the yard, with the size yard we now have he has been really looking forward to using the tractor and having this be "his" thing. Today he not only finished mowing the yard, but also used the edger and did the edging too, even took the blower and blew all the trimmings off the walkways and weeded the beds. He did such a good job and it was so cute as he let Jarrett steer while he held the gas down.

Both Jordan and Melissa finished golf camp this week and had a great time. I was really impressed in all that our local YMCA does for the kids. The camp provided breakfast , lunch, hats, a picture with certificate and busing back and forth to the local golf course...not bad for $80 which is what I paid in Massachusettes for 3 days.....totally did not even compare.

Mallory did the Camp Piney Woods through the YMCA where it ran from 7:30-5:30 all week. She got so much out of it as well..... horseback riding, archery,canoeing,B.B guns, arts & crafts....again cant believe how much they do for the kids there....really impressive. Mallory went with Diana the girl across the street as well as one of the girls that live down the street.

Long days here.....Alans entire week was long working 70+ hours and then top it off he is away all of next week for a convention in Orlando.

I'am pooped cant seem to get caught up on sleep with Jonathan NOT sleeping, I feel bad when he wakes up crying that it will wake Alan that I always go in and get week that will not be happening, this baby needs to get back on his sleep schedule, which has been the hardest part of our move......I miss my good sleeper :(

I dislocated my knee last Sunday, Alan was pretty horrified .....and I think even more so as I popped it back into has been feeling pretty sore and gave out the next day when I was trying to get the kids in the "Bus" not only did I give myself a giant bruise from the length of my knee cap to my ankle, but I looked like such a fool falling FLAT on my butt!!!
As of this week I officially started work for Alan, doing the customer complaints, cash audits and making gift baskets.....right now my bedroom is a disaster full of baskets and kids and myself are finding it WAY to tempting not to sneak into all the goodies.
Well off to bed week soon.
Keeping my fingers crossed this baby sleeps for his momma tonight.

I WON!!!!!

So a few weeks ago I was entering one of the great giveaways at 5minutes4mom for a super cool experiance to be trainer for a day at SeaWorld or Busch Gardens. I NEVER win anything but said to Alan " I REALLY would love to win this" My Children are such hands on outdoor kids so this would be just perfect......and now that we live less than 4hrs away from Orlando its a "do-able" trip not having to pay for 8+ peoples airfair plus we have our time share that we could use to stay in.

Well I logged on this morning to see that I WON!!!!!! I seriously thought at first that I must be reading it wrong.....but when I logged on to thier site sure enough #67 was me :)

So we have a year to use it.....Thinking it might be a really cool gift for Melissa .
Its such an oppertunity of a lifetime I still cant believe I won.

Guess it pays off to be a super thrifty, bargin hunting, coupon clipping, contest entering Mom of Seven :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Day at the Coast

So this weekend we took a drive down to Panama City to see the Gulf Coast......It was simply breathtaking. The beach looked just like you see in pictures with that blue/green water that you could see the sand at the bottom, and it was WARM!!!! probably a good 80' so we all enjoyed riding waves in.....although not being very experianced, I lost my balance a few times....was a pretty comical sight.

I can even describe how much the kids loved it.....from searching for shells , to just sitting and letting the water hit their toes, and going what looked so far out from the shore....We had such a good time just sitting back watching them.......and watching them enjoy one another....not one fight!!!!!
We went to dinner at a place called Reggae J's it got the kids attention with all the bright colors, we beat the rush and had almost the entire resturaunt by ourselfs, which we always love when all the kids are with us....but really everyone was well behaved and I got our dinner in ALL under my budget....gotta love that.
Today the older kids started camp.....everyone out of the house by 7:15 so its me and my little ones until 5:30 tonight.....Makenna already has a "plan" of what we are all she is going to make sure I stay busy :)
Off to catch up on all the giveaways I have missed signing up for this weekend.

Friday, July 10, 2009

THIS is a MUST have for all you ladies......check out the link and enter to win!!!!

Its FRIDAY!!!!!!!

Jonathan swimming underwater to daddy

Mallory's First fish this year
Jarrett riding his bike.

Yay, yay, yay......Friday is finally here.

Its been a long week, but it turned out to be a nice one. I'am getting back into the swing of things here as well as the kids. We have been having daily "Tea Parties" with Makenna.....its her new favorite thing to do.....we found an old tea set while I was unpacking and she could not wait to use it, today she dressed up in this thick heavy dance custume....mind you she looked adorable, but the neighbors must of thought she was insane wearing it in 90' weather playing outside, she really is such a character.

Mallory and Melissa have been playing with the two girls across the street Dara & Diana, both of similar ages to them, they have been spending alot of time swimming in the pool or riding bikes in the neighborhood, but it still is not the same as having their best buddies here with them. Melissa & Kaylee have been chatting on Facebook together and Mallory and Lizzie have also talked on the phone....they are equally driving me crazy thinking that we can just up and fly down on a seconds notice, I feel bad but also excited for the day that the can see each other either here or there. Both of them start camp next week and are REALLY excited. Mallory is doing Horseback riding camp and I know she is just going to have so much fun. Melissa & Jordan are doing golf camp and I'am hoping that they both meet some new friends that they will be going to school with.

Jarrett is still his "Momma's" boy he loves being at my side at all time which I dont mind, Its funny though I can see in just the past month how much he has changed. He is a SUPER swimmer and can keep right up with the older children, and he has completely mastered riding a bike with no training wheels....He is SOOOO proud of himself, however thats all he wants us to do is "watch" him riding .

My little Jonathan is still being catered to by all his brothers & sisters....the kids fight over him daily on who is going to put him to bed....I for one dont care as long as he is sleeping. He also learned to floaties, just jumps right in and swims under water to you, he is truley our youngest swimmer yet.

We got to see Marley on the webcam the other day .....she looked so sweet standing and walking....I just wanted to reach in and grab her.

Alan is off now for the next two days...I think we might head to the Gulf Coast this weekend...we were told you can see the dolphins right from the shore and their are lots of shells.....I dont know who will enjoy it more me or the kids :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Smelly Washer (Review & Giveaway - 7/21) | 5 Vinez Monkeys

Smelly Washer (Review & Giveaway - 7/21) 5 Vinez Monkeys

O.k so a fellow mom of many and owner of
is having a great giveaway on a really cool new product called Smelly Washer it eliminates oders that your washing machine may get for numerous reasons, over usage, liquid detergents, ect....take a look . I'am not exagerating when I say I do an average of 5 loads of laundry a least 2 of them being for towels from the pool and the bathrooms.
When we moved into the new house we went out and purchased ALL white towels for the 3 bathrooms just so that I could pour straight bleach in them to get them clean and smell FRESH!!! ( I also did the same thing with our sheets) . Regardless of if I win this super giveaway this is a product I will deffinetly purchase and try.


The picture with the scrolled iron crosses & frame is from a catalog....that is what I'am "thinking" of doing over that open space above the couch.

This is our bedroom which has a large sitting room that has french doors onto the deck. This is what we came up with this weekend that Alan hung up....I think it came out really nice.....sorry about the glare....but they are all photos of my children....I love it!!

O.k So moving into the new house we are finding that NOTHING fits or looks they way it did in the other house, for the most part we have just had to move things around and get creative.

My biggest challenge is the wall in the Living room.....Its a big open space and I just dont know what to put there. I 'am posting a picture of what I'am "thinking" of doing. but would love any feedback or suggestions??

Buy By Mom Blog: On A Whimsy (Review & Giveaway - 7/20)

Buy By Mom Blog: On A Whimsy (Review & Giveaway - 7/20)

Yet another Terrific giveway from . This one is for a darling inital bottlecap necklace from On a Whimsy. As a mom of four girls I love all things cute & unique for them as sisters to match.....and what is cuter than being able to display thier intials ( all my girls names start with an "M") She has many different designs and even Bows & decorations to "Girly" up the Cr@cs my kids adore!! So if you have a chance check out these two great sites.....and the best part.....ALL products are made or sold by Moms!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Buy By Mom Blog: Sandra with Tupperware (Review & Giveaway - 7/15)

Buy By Mom Blog: Sandra with Tupperware (Review & Giveaway - 7/15)

I'am a huge fan of Tupperware. I love that they are super durable and last forever, I have some pieces that were actually my moms. I was so excited to see this giveaway that Sandra from Tupperware is having on Buy by mom I just had to mention it here. With a new house and lots of new cabinet space I would love to fill it up with some Tupperware :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Audience watching the show

Let the fireworks begin!!!!!

Our 4th of July

We had a wonderful 4th of July here in our new home, as a matter of fact Alan, the kids and I all agree it was probably the best one we have ever had. We started the day out kinda just doing little things around the house, Alan invited 2 of the people that work for him over as both of them are alone with no families. I cooked up a storm in the kitchen with the help of Mallory & Melissa....Mallory has always been the little "chef" of the family and has always enjoyed helping me cook and will often take it upon herself to make brownies, smoothies, pasta or whatever else she can get her hands on, recently Melissa has been showing alot of intrest and helping out with the meals and I'am really enjoying the time we do that anyways we had cooked up a bunch of things to have for the cookout before Andy and Sergio arrived. Well they arrive with not only a CAR LOAD full of fireworks to do for the kids, but a huge fruit platter, a cold cut platter, and a cheesecake ( which is a weekness of mine ) .
Now back in Massachusettes fireworks are illegal, so when we first went to a Publix grocery store Jordan thought he hit the lottery looking at all the displays, so seeing what Andy and Sergio had brought over I swear he could not have been happier. We initially planned on setting them off by the lake, but because of the "creatures" that live down there ( poisonous snakes, snapping turtles and other bugs) we decided to light them off by the pool. The kids pulled up all the chairs and made a little audience while Andy and Jordan set them off and with each one the kids would give them a round of applause.......We did this for 2 hours and I have cranky kids today to show for it....but it really was a blast, I think this could possibly be a new 4th of July tradition for us :)

Buy By Mom Blog: Karin with Mary Kay (Review & Giveaway- 7/16)

Buy By Mom Blog: Karin with Mary Kay (Review & Giveaway- 7/16)

I have always been a Huge fan of Mary Kay. I loved it so much I became a consultant, but with 7 children at home I just did not have the energy to commit the time. I Saw Karin was featured on Buy by Mom and got all excited again.
So many great products that I loved using and looking forward to using again. While caring for my family I forgot how much I Loved to use GREAT products and often settle for cheap cosmetics or cleansers ( actually had to call a 1-800 # from the back of a product I purchased 2 weeks ago becuase my skin broke out in a HUGE rash) I NEVER had that problem when I used Mary Kay. So excited for such a wonderful giveaway!!!

Buy By Mom Blog: Suzi Homemaker's Market Tote (Review & Giveaway)

Buy By Mom Blog: Suzi Homemaker's Market Tote (Review & Giveaway)

O.K so I saw this give away a few months back and I thought I have to have this. I have gone through so many of the cheap/thin recycle bags they gave out at the local grocery store and although I love using them they just dont hold up. But this here looks so durable and not to mention its super cute. So I'am once again trying to win this through Buy by mom....Wish me luck ;)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Partial view of the relaxing to sit out there and take in all the surroundings......feels nice just to "slow" down and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Our front porch.....I LOVE having a porch with the rockers. We sit there everynight watching the children ride their bikes, and play in the front yard. Its even so peacefull watching the thunderstorms. I have to say this is my dream home.

Pictures of our new home

Friday, July 3, 2009


Please forgive the typos and miss spelled words in the previous post. I was trying to type with Jonathan on my lap who currently has a fever of 102' and will not let me put him down :(

We made it to Georgia!!!!!!!!!!

Well its been 2 months since my last post, and gosh so much has gone on. We sold our house in Massachusettes in just 4 DAYS!!! with 3 people placing offers. I'am so glad that its done , its over with and now wer are here in our new home in Southern Georgia.

Thus far its everything I dreamed it would be. I have to say other than leaving my family behind I dont miss Mass at all not one bit. I truley feel this is where we were meant to be. I'am so Happy that we are all re-united again as a family as those 3 months of mananging all 7 children, a granbaby, a house, schools,activities, trying to pack and get a house ready ect ect was really more than one person can do.

The last 2 years as a family have had its share of Challenges, from our oldest daughters pregnancy , the birth our our Precious grandaughter, my husbands health, depression on my part, we have just had our share of trials thats for sure. But its also brought some Amazing and wonderful changes. My faith is stronger than it has ever been, I'am so happy about this.

Alan and I both agree this is a new start for us and we are so excited about it.

Our home is perfect for our Children......It has a beautiful Southern Georgia "flair" to it with my rockers on the front porch.....which we spend every night there watching the kids ride their bikes. We have a STUNNING view of the lake.....which is somthing we both always wanted was to have a home on a lake.....lots of property for the kids to roam, and a super quiet street. The kids will be going to the County Schools which are some of the best schools around. The cost of living down here is SOOOOOO much cheaper than back in Mass it truley amazing!!!

The best part is we are very happy, I have not felt this content in my life in a long time . My kids have found friends already, I have met a few nice people myself. I'am no longer under the "magnifine" glass of always being told or criticized for my life choices my my family ( yes at 35 they still believe they need to tell me what I do wrong.......our decision to have as many children as we have been blessed with is "NOT" their style")

So once again I'am hoping to make this blogging thing a daily routine, now that I actually do have some time on my hands . Even if I'am the only one who reads it to see the progress and changes in our new life down South thats good enough for me.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

On the move

Gosh its been a while since I updated, things have been so busy....( when are they not...LOL)

Our home is now officially on the market, It has been on for a week now, and within the first day we had 2 offers......unfortunatly any potential buyer would need 20% down which neither one did, so we just need to wait it out until that "Right" buyer comes along, or until the 60 days on the market time is up, in which that case McDonalds will buy the house from us.....not the best scenario as they will not give us full market $$ for it, but it is what it is.

In the meantime we have found a Gorgeous house in Georgia which we now have under contract.....its going to be a perfect home for us with lots of room to raise our family, a HUGE yard, and right on the lake, which we both have always wanted, I hope we can make this house a "Home" like we have with the one we are leaving behind.

Sports are in full gear.......Jordan is once again playing baseball, Mallory & Makenna are doing soccer ....which Melissa is going to help out and assist Makenna's team. and Melissa is hoping to get on a girls softball our weekends are CHUCK full of games & practices. But enjoy watching them so much.....despite the chaos of all the running around it is alot of fun.

We recently got back from our Disney trip.....and the little ones did SO great on the plane!!! I was so nervous on how Jonathan & Jarrett would be but, they did really well.....they are becoming little seasoned travelers and I actually think they are getting the routine of flying.....hoping thats the case for when I need to fly with ALL the children when the time comes for me to make the official move to GA.

Easter will be here this weekend and I'am really looking forward to coloring eggs with the children and doing the egg hunt.....its the FIRST Holiday we will have had together as a family without the stress of Alan working 80 hrs prior.

My Little Jonathan is going to be 2 this month and our Grandbaby Marley is turning 1 next week.......I cant believe how fast this year has gone and how many things can change in such a short time.

So much to write about, but just wanted to give a quick rundown until for now.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My first win

O.k so I have been really into entering these contests lately in more of an effort to buy mom made products ...Which I LOVE!!! The other day I got an email stating that I had one a Beautiful Bookmark on I have had such a bad stream of luck latley this made my day. I will post pictures and blog all about it one It arrives. I think I will use this in my personal journal or will be just perfect.

Long day here....have 2 differnt Birthday Parties to go to and 2 Basketball games......busy busy....It is Freezing out!!!! I'am dreading bringing all these little ones out in the cold...YUCK!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Its Saturday Another weekend Alan is gone again!!!! He flew out to Tallahassee home 2am this morning and is already on the road again for a store sale NY. I know I should not be complaining as he is a HARD worker and does well providing for his family but man does Mommy need a break :( Running the show solo I do get used to , but having the 3 extra children I watch, doing my McDonalds Job 30+hrs a week, taking care of the house, running the kids to all the activities, and trying to deal with getting ready to sell and to find a new house and preparing for my oldest daughter and her family on their move its really challenging.......I can do it, it will all work out, but just a day to re-charge would be exactly what I need. Adding to the stress is this COLD winter we are having.....I hate the winters, I literally do not leave the house untill I HAVE to ( games,church,grocery store ect) I become a total hermit. I'am looking forward to going with Alan house shopping with him for a day or 2 simply to get away from this Nasty cold weather & snow.....I'am soooo done with it!!!!

On a lighter note.....Jonathan started using the potty the day before he turned 20 months old.....he is really doing well, tells me when he has to go and just runs to the potty, however if I dont shut the door ....he has "oh so much fun" playing with the tiolet & the toilet paper......Man the mess this child makes....surely is the reason how I managed to keep the weight off. And now he is jumping not out of his crib ( although he CAN do that) but he has learned to BALANCE on the headboard of the crib and jump backwards onto the mattress.....The child is CRAZY!!!!!! mind you SEVEN children NO STICHES, NO BROKEN BONES........JONATHAN has officially broken that record, he already has had stitches on the top of his foot ( 6 to be exact) and severed his big left toe with 3 breaks, putting him on a round of IV antibiotics for the open break, 5 stitches, and 2 visits to the Pediatric surgeon.......and NONE of it slowed him down.

But I sure do love the little guy.....he is such a Mommy's boy....and I love it!!! although I'am trying to put an end to the nursing ( he is 20 months old) and as of lately he wont even take a cup, he comes running top me yelling "boob boob" "boob boob" I dont know how to even begin to stop him, I felt like I have tried different measures but nothing has worked!!!! do I continue to nurse him until after our trip to Disney....thinking that might help with the plane ride??? do I wait until after we move?? Any suggestions??? you would think with the amount of children I have nursed I would know this answer.....I'am really having such a hard time with it. maybe I should just keep nursing until I get Pregnant again and then call it quits??? I guess only time will tell......I just hope it is sooner rather than later :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another year older :(

Well I'am officially another year older.....I feel as the years pass I find out more and more who I'am as a person and who I want to be......The best mom, wife and friend. I'am more at peace and content with my life now...than I was say 15, 10 and even 5 years ago. So many things happend in 2008 that made me cherish who I have in my life.
For some reason...not even really sure exactly why, but I just dont get into Birthdays, they always kind of depress me in some way.....maybe its coincidence that January always seems to be a hard time of year anyway and I get very depressed during these winter months. But today I really had one of the best Birthdays ever. My kids and husband woke me up with Hugs and kisses little Jarrett was so sweet hiding behind this BIG 'ol grin so excited to say good morning to me. I had so many Birthday post on my new addiction "facebook" and then Jessica had come over with the little boys, a freshley baked coffee cake (Yummeeee!!) , the most sweetest card ever, and my favorite little Figurines "Willow Tree" and it was sisters by heart. My reason for not wanting to move is soley based on not having her around, I'am freindly with lots of people but there are only a few I would REALLY consider close to ( Which I like it that way) Jane , Jessica , Lisa & Laura and our children get along so well, I just cant imaging leaving them :(
Hubby brought home cake & flowers, the kids all gave me my favorite homeade cards.....What every mommy treasures....and we all watched American Idol now I'am sitting here watching LOST and praying that Alans interview goes well tommorrow, I know he is stressed over it, but I know he will do great.
What a busy day today but it really was great :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BIg News

Some very Big news for us here....Last week Alan was told he will be relocating for his job.......

to the Tallahassee he has a pretty wide range of where his Stores are going to be located so we really can go to Alabama,Gorgia, of right now it looks like we are leaning twards Thomasville Gorgia......I have lived in Massachusettes my ENTIRE life.....grew up in the same town until I got married where we only moved 20 min away...everything I know has been here....we have welcomed and raised all our children here.....It really still seems "sureal".

Despite the fact that leaving my Best freinds & parents & grandmother behind, I'am actually looking quite forward to the move. I HATE New England weather.....I always say I wish summer would last longer.....this week is supposed to be the coldest it has been in a long time in the - numbers......BRRRRRR!!!! Alan fly's out next week to get introduced to his new area, and after that is ALL going to hit me at once.

We have found some beautiful homes with lots of rooms for any other additions we might add *wink*wink* ( now what would a house be without christening it with a new baby) And enough space to have FREQUENT Guests.....I'am determind that the kids will continue with their friendships they have here in their best friends are truley more like family and each of them have someone special them.....I'am already excited to have a big sleep over, take kids on school is temporarily keeping me sane from thinking of the emotions of leaving them :( NOW....If I can convince the Jane & Jessica to ship their kids down....we would be very happy!!

I'am anxious to start a new chapter in our lives.....Alan and I had such a stressful 2008.....I really feel this is going to be a welcomed change for us.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

What a nice Saturday

Well Its the last Saturday of the kids school Vacation and before Alan goes back to work.

We live in a pretty quiet town...and have some wonderful local farms and dairys, one of our favorites is West Hill....its a little country store with and cows,goats,chickens, and Ice cream bar and mini golf also has some GREAT big hills that overlook a beautiful pond, when it snows thats the first place the kids want to bring their sleds too. So with my little limping Jonathan and all the other kids in tote, we took a trip over. It was about 12- out and overcast, the only plus was there was no wind. The kids had an absolute BLAST!!!! Mommy of course with her Asthma just enjoyed watching them and taking pictures......poor Makenna did a major head plant that she was really upset about, and Jonthan just smiled away.....I had to put 4 pairs of my socks on him to protect his little foot (his socks are too tight and he cant wear shoes).

Today we decided to go see "Bedtime Stories" I love Adam Sandler....I think he is just so funny.
All the kids really enjoyed it. We typically dont go to the movie theater, but with it being the end of vacation and Jarretts Birthday in a few days we thought it would be a fun treat.
Jarrett wore his Birthday crown and loved that everyone kept saying "Happy Birthday" to him.

Now its time to play "Pictureka" our new family favorite board game, before we head out to Mallory's Soccer game.

BTW Check out the Fantastic Give Aways at
Right now they have The WII fit & Mamma Mia DVD as well as LOTS of other great wins :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years with a Bang!!!!!

Well......Its 2009 Happy New Year!!! Good riddens 2008, There were a few postive things that did happen last year, but overall it was a Very rough year, and I'am really looking forward to a Healthy, Happy, & Postive New year.

We Started off New Years Eve Celebrating our Second oldest daughter Melissa's 13th Birthday, we let her invite a few close friends for a sleepover....we got all the typical New Years bash party items, like hats,horns,necklaces...put out a little buffet for the girls, had them decorate their own cupcakes and make bracelets...It went really very well. Hubby , myself, and our youngest children all settled in bed by 10-10:30.....the "party" girls did make it until midnight...but were quiet dissapointed in the Big Ball dropping...not as impressive as they thought it was going to be.

New Years Day we all woke up later than normal....Melissa's friends had all left by 10:00, no sooner did they leave and Baby Jonanthan cut his foot...I'am typically not one to rush the kids off for stitches ( after many LONG waits in the waiting room I have learned I ONLY go to the ER when I have to) Looking at his foot I surely needed to be stitched. We got to the ER and waited, and seemed like every sick person in the world was there....I almost wish I did not take him wondering what on earth he was going to come home with (Yuck!!!) He is such a little trooper....barely even cried and as usual had all the nurses and other patients giving him tons of attention and he was eating it up :)

So 6 stitches later we got home, he did really well until the numbing agent wore off and then it really started bothering him, the location of it is on top of his foot were it bends so its making it hard for him to walk without it hurting....My poor little bubba.

So there you have it thats how we spent our new year.....someone mentioned to me its all the bad things getting out of the way now....I sure hope thats the case and that this is not an insight of what my year is going to be.....wait let me rephrase that....My New Year is going to be is to staying positive and taking it all in Day by Day.

Wishing the Best to all my Family & Freinds for 2009!!!