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I cant believe a year has passed since Maddies accident.....Its AMAZING to see how well she has recovered and that even the scar is barely visible. I'am sad not to be able to give her a big hug today now that we moved states away. Love you and miss you dearly Madison.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Paxil Withdrawal Symptoms

The Paxil Withdrawal Symptoms

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Thankful Thursday

What Am I thankful for today.....Well so much for to be thankful for not sure where to begin as this is my first "Thankful Thursday" post.

So this week I'am very thankful for the peace that I have found in my life, overcoming some pretty crappy times, but always having faith that things get better. The past 2 years have been such a growing time for me both spiritually , physically & emotionally.

I'am thankful that my children have adjusted to our new lifes so well, they have amazed me in how they have just rolled with it all. During the day now when its just me and little Jonathan at home I often find myself getting weepy over just how very lucky I'am ....things are not always perfect and thats O.K, but I have a great life and for that I'am thankful.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lots of little Critters

Well now that school is in full swing its been pretty quiet here.....Just me and Jonathan now at home.....very strange considering just a few months ago I had not only my 7 children at home but our grandbaby Marley and her thats a house full of 9 kids....and now I just have ONE.....Like I said....really very strange.....I think both Jonathan and myself are trying to adjust to having a quiet house.
Our routine usually begins by getting everyone up and ready and out the door for 7am, I jump in the shower and drive Jarrett to school ( he is still overwhelmed by the bus) but considering he is only 4 I have NO complaints and actually enjoy driving, I end up going to the classroom and get to hang out with him and the class for about an hour or two, we get back home and I turn on Disney channel for him while I get caught up on my McDonalds work ...just the paperwork aspect and do my calls when/if he takes a nap, we then have lunch and take a walk out to the lake.......the other day I stopped in my tracks thinking that we had stumbled upon a scorpion....when we got closer noticed it was a crawfish, Jonathan was squeeling with excitement as he poked it with a stick until we turned him loose back to his home, we counted 27 turtles sitting on 2 logs in the lake which sit out there all day bathing in the sun until we get closer and they all plop back into the water, as we made our way back to the house we saw a frog that Jonathan refers to as "wibbet" and we put him in our little frog house for the other kids to see when they get home. We get up to the deck to find one of the tiniest lizzards.....the kids just love catching and playing with them but some of them are so darn fast they are hard to grab....well this one was so small he didnt run and just let us pick him up, he crawled up our arms and just let us watch him for quite some time until it was time for the little guy to go back home like all the other critters we had found. Its been so much fun just exploring outside with the kids and I love they get the "hands on" that I think kids really need. So me and my baby boy had a fun day , and with all that excitement he still did not want to take a nap ??

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another week

So Another week has again passed....The kids survived another week of School however....Swine Flu is running rampid in the schools 20 confirmed cases just in the middle being Melissa's friend .... Alan and myself both ended up getting it
( we have tried to keep it low key as to NOT freak the kids out)
....the children also had a touch of somthing....not sure what?? but each and everyone of them have complained of feeling crappy. Even still its been a week now and I just cant catch my energy back, but 100% better than how I was feeling and as we all know EVERYTHING happens at once, well the day before I started feeling really yucky, my tooth which I known has been cracked for a while started really bothering me, I can handle ANY pain but mouth pain...Sunday I was miserable and left a message with the dentist Praying that I could be seen, but not really thinking they would get me in.....and they DID!!! I hate going to the dentist have panic attacts about going and get myself all worked up....well this Dentist was wonderful!!! totally put me at ease....knew how tense I was and really took the time to make me feel comfortable......and I had Makenna & Jonathan with me that day....and he was totally understanding of me bringing them in.....they sat there for well over an hour and were sooooo good.....THANK GOSH!!! I think they really knew how much pain I was and did not dare to move.
The kids have been fighting terribly the past few days......I'am sure its all this adjustment going to a new school, getting used to the routine, ect....but the past few days are really driving me batty.
Jonathan is about 90% potty trained.....even wakes up dry during the I have not purchased diapers in 2 weeks.....I did get pull up pants.....but only because I had a GREAT coupon I got in the mail , along with this cute potty training kit .

Jarrett has really surprised both Alan and I ....he is loving school!!!! He is beyond anxious every morning to get ready, and comes home all smiles off the bus , but initially getting him in the classroom is a chore......he will cry for about 3 min and is fine....We are so proud of him as he has only been with one other person other than me or Alan , which is our good friend Jane .....she was the only person he has ever gone for him to leave us and stay all day
( 7am-4pm) is just somthing we really did not expect him to do.
Makenna did have one difficult day.....but we seem to have worked out why....Long story , but they have put her in a gifted class....and some of the children in the class are 8yrs old....and she is SUPER tiny to begin with so this seemed to be quite intimidating to her....but all is good for now :)
Weekend is over ....back to work
here is a picture of my little guy before school.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SlimPerfect (Review & Giveaway - 8/26) | 5 Vinez Monkeys#c2495757944076574393

SlimPerfect (Review & Giveaway - 8/26) 5 Vinez Monkeys#c2495757944076574393
O.K after having 7 babies my body has not been kind to me to say the least. I'am of small frame but all the constant weight gain, loss,gain,loss it has left me so very self concious of my body....especially when it comes to wearing a bathing suit. I saw that Angie of 5 Vinez Monkeys had recently posted about this slim perfect suit and I instantly knew this could be an answer to my prayers......I'am always outside by the pool with the kids....and I hate having people see me.....these suits look so slimming and at the cost they are right now I could not resist, buying not only one but TWO suits.....I got them in two different sizes to ensure one would fit. Check out the promo code and grab one for yourself :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

What a week

And its NOT over!!!
So last weekend we took the kids to Jacksonville , FL for the weekend. We went to Amelia Island which was just so beautiful.....I think I liked it even more than the gulf coast as it was not so "comercial" it was very quaint and quiet....the beach was not packed just a few other people so you were not shoulder to shouler with others ( which I DONT like when I'am at the beach) I like to sit in quiet and enjoy watching my children, without having to watch everyone else around me. We loved that the tide was out, and the beach was covered with shells....the kids and myself had the biggest kick out of just searching for all those "perfect" ones to take home with us. Mallory insisted on bagging up some sand so she can send it to her friend Lizzy in Massachusettes ( they have such a connection...Mallory knows she would appreciate it...and be excited)
We headed to diner at Sticky Fingers....all I have to say is was probably the BEST dinner we have had out in a long time. We rarely get out to eat and when we do we are always having to wait to be seated because of our size party.....and just plain and simple now a'days people dont have the "work hard" ethic like they used to , waiter/waitresses have ZERO personality....and take forever...and food is usually not even great. But this place here, we walked into ....instantly greeted AND seated.....the waitress was super nice....anitcipated my little ones breakdowns coming and distracted them with shirly temples,crayons,coloring books & animal crackers.........Both Alan and I got ribs.....and on the table they have 6 BBQ sauces to try....Mmmmm it was so yummy, it was such a great experiance I emailed the company to tell them what a terrific visit we felt good to give + feedback to a place well deserved.

The next morning we woke up and went to St. Augustine.....again another beautiful place to go.....we went to "Ripleys believe it or not " museum, loved that it was pretty inexpensive for a family of 8 to get in ($52) not bad....the kids enjoyed looking at all the "freakish" and weird stuff they had, plus it was inside and air conditioned :)

left there and made our 3hr drive home where we had to stop at Walmart totally last minute to get the kids school supplies....Soooooooooo not fun, it was tax relief day and the store was PACKED!!! we made it out alive with 6 VERY cranky kids ....fed them a bowl of cereal, laid out their school clothes and off to bed they went. is here!!!! the kids woke up saying it was like Chirstmas eve...they were so excited they could not sleep. Melissa was the most nervous.....the other kids were all rearing to go. Despite some minor bus issues ( on my part) everyone made it and had a great day.
We then got a call a day later to tell us Jarrett made the lottery for the Pre-K program.
If you dont know Jarrett he is my little piece of velcro that is attached to me at the hip DAILY....he has only ever stayed at my friend Janes house other than that he has NEVER stayed with anyone....( not even my mom or dad) so this was a HUGE thing for him to be able to I was not hung up on it if he went he went if not It was fine too....he is only 4 so I was happy and content having him home, I wanted him to go simply to realize he can leave my side and he will have fun..........and guess what he loves it. We are so proud of him, part of me is completly sad that he went pretty easily, the other part I'am weepy because it means he is growing up.

More news is Meghan finally got her license.....WOOOHOOO!!!! and she has been driving herself to school and back.....I give her so much credit as I would never even attempt driving into the City and she does it everyday. She has her second interview with Starbucks tommorrow and I'am hoping she gets the job. Its so nice to see things getting better for her.....being down here we feel helpless, but also feel like maybe she needed this "push" as she did reley on us for so much ( but hey isnt that our job )

Alan has been working like a mad mad.....Some of his stores are beyond anything I have seen the hell some of these people made it to management REALLY scares me and disgusts me to see how much $$ they are making when hard working people who need jobs cant get them.....the system is so screwed up!!! last week he worked close to 90 hours.......YES 90 hours!!!! I keep on his case that he CANT do that, and he ended up getting totally run down. He does have an Apt to see a new Dr. Down here which we researched extensively as we were somewhat dissapointed in the Dr. we saw in Milford.....Yeah we wont go there!!!

I'am getting closer and closer to being done with the week I start the last of the steps to get off of it......I NEVER knew how hard this would be. I guess the side effects I'am still having are the headaches ( terrible migrane mon/tues) ,numbness/tingling in my face, and the dizziness,but it has beed gradually getting less and less. I have been doing a more holistic approach to managing it all and I'am pretty pleased.

Well Lots to share this week, so I wont bore anyone who reads this much longer.
Busy week and guess having no form of adult conversation can start to get old :(