Tuesday, April 7, 2009

On the move

Gosh its been a while since I updated, things have been so busy....( when are they not...LOL)

Our home is now officially on the market, It has been on for a week now, and within the first day we had 2 offers......unfortunatly any potential buyer would need 20% down which neither one did, so we just need to wait it out until that "Right" buyer comes along, or until the 60 days on the market time is up, in which that case McDonalds will buy the house from us.....not the best scenario as they will not give us full market $$ for it, but it is what it is.

In the meantime we have found a Gorgeous house in Georgia which we now have under contract.....its going to be a perfect home for us with lots of room to raise our family, a HUGE yard, and right on the lake, which we both have always wanted, I hope we can make this house a "Home" like we have with the one we are leaving behind.

Sports are in full gear.......Jordan is once again playing baseball, Mallory & Makenna are doing soccer ....which Melissa is going to help out and assist Makenna's team. and Melissa is hoping to get on a girls softball team.....so our weekends are CHUCK full of games & practices. But enjoy watching them so much.....despite the chaos of all the running around it is alot of fun.

We recently got back from our Disney trip.....and the little ones did SO great on the plane!!! I was so nervous on how Jonathan & Jarrett would be but, they did really well.....they are becoming little seasoned travelers and I actually think they are getting the routine of flying.....hoping thats the case for when I need to fly with ALL the children when the time comes for me to make the official move to GA.

Easter will be here this weekend and I'am really looking forward to coloring eggs with the children and doing the egg hunt.....its the FIRST Holiday we will have had together as a family without the stress of Alan working 80 hrs prior.

My Little Jonathan is going to be 2 this month and our Grandbaby Marley is turning 1 next week.......I cant believe how fast this year has gone and how many things can change in such a short time.

So much to write about, but just wanted to give a quick rundown until for now.

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cbdkndmom said...

Wow, a LOT going on. I have no idea how you manage it all. You are my hero!