Friday, July 3, 2009

We made it to Georgia!!!!!!!!!!

Well its been 2 months since my last post, and gosh so much has gone on. We sold our house in Massachusettes in just 4 DAYS!!! with 3 people placing offers. I'am so glad that its done , its over with and now wer are here in our new home in Southern Georgia.

Thus far its everything I dreamed it would be. I have to say other than leaving my family behind I dont miss Mass at all not one bit. I truley feel this is where we were meant to be. I'am so Happy that we are all re-united again as a family as those 3 months of mananging all 7 children, a granbaby, a house, schools,activities, trying to pack and get a house ready ect ect was really more than one person can do.

The last 2 years as a family have had its share of Challenges, from our oldest daughters pregnancy , the birth our our Precious grandaughter, my husbands health, depression on my part, we have just had our share of trials thats for sure. But its also brought some Amazing and wonderful changes. My faith is stronger than it has ever been, I'am so happy about this.

Alan and I both agree this is a new start for us and we are so excited about it.

Our home is perfect for our Children......It has a beautiful Southern Georgia "flair" to it with my rockers on the front porch.....which we spend every night there watching the kids ride their bikes. We have a STUNNING view of the lake.....which is somthing we both always wanted was to have a home on a lake.....lots of property for the kids to roam, and a super quiet street. The kids will be going to the County Schools which are some of the best schools around. The cost of living down here is SOOOOOO much cheaper than back in Mass it truley amazing!!!

The best part is we are very happy, I have not felt this content in my life in a long time . My kids have found friends already, I have met a few nice people myself. I'am no longer under the "magnifine" glass of always being told or criticized for my life choices my my family ( yes at 35 they still believe they need to tell me what I do wrong.......our decision to have as many children as we have been blessed with is "NOT" their style")

So once again I'am hoping to make this blogging thing a daily routine, now that I actually do have some time on my hands . Even if I'am the only one who reads it to see the progress and changes in our new life down South thats good enough for me.

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