Saturday, November 14, 2009

Moving on......

Yup....we are officially moving on. House in now on the market, I have been selling off some furniture, we are ready to move back home. I have missed my family and friends dearly. I can't begin to tell you how ready we are for this. Granted this "new" adventure of moving down south was pretty exciting...we enjoyed seeing a new lifestyle, and another part of the country, but I KNOW things are going to be a much happier ,much less stressful way of life now ...and that is totally off setting all the stress and anger of him losing his job.

Learned a big lesson and I think more so for him....he gave his all for 27yrs and it goes to show you such a large Corporation all you are is a number, you hold no real value no matter how many hours a day you put in or how many years you have committed to the end of the day it is what THEY will gain...not taking care of people.

So Tonight I'am putting up my first official Giveaway from stay tuned!!!

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