Saturday, January 7, 2012

55' in January??

Thats right its January 7th and its 55' here and still NO snow......Last year at had I think it was 88" inches of snow for the year, Of course last year it was the first winter after us moving back from Georgia and we had no snow blower, therefore we had to shovel the massive amount of snow by hand, alot of it being just me and the older kids as Alan is typically traveling mon-fri. We made sure early this fall we purchased a snowblower before the winter season began......I told him then we will not have any snow this far that has been the case, although it would be nice to get a little bit for the kids to play in.... minus the snow days of course :) afterall our summers are short enough as it is......we dont want to be making up school days at the end of June like last year. So just going to enjoy this day .....sitting with my coffee in hand watching the new bikes and scooters that Santa brought get thier first spins in the neighborhood!

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