Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Well the time has finally come

To say goodbye at the chance of ever having another child. I mean I think we kinda decided we were not going to have anymore now that we are taking care of Marley, Its like having twins and its ALOT of work having her and Jonathan who are less than a year apart. Nor do I think physically my body could handle another pregnancy.

After 3 laperoscopies, 2 Hsgs ( dye in the uterus,tubes to look at blockages) , many cycles of fertility medications, cyts & fibriods, a prolapsed uterus and lots of physical and emotional pain my Dr. last week confirmed it would be best to do a Hysterectomy, when he said those words I was in COMPLETE shock......I just was not expecting that, but considering the size of my current fibroids and ovarian cysts, as well as the back pain,weigh gain, and severe bleeding he does not feel there is another option . He will also be doing surgery to "tie up" my bladder as that has prolapsed as well.......on the bright side might as well kill two birds with one stone :)

Now that I have let the thought settle and actually relieved that I might start feeling "good" again pain free, I need to decide when this is going to happen.
Alan is away Monday -Friday and recovery time is 6-8 weeks......I panic at the thought of how I'am going to do it with the little 2 still at home . We are going to Disney in May and then want to enjoy the summer time while the kids are out of school......so do it now or wait......UGH.......decisions, decisions :(

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