Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years with a Bang!!!!!

Well......Its 2009 Happy New Year!!! Good riddens 2008, There were a few postive things that did happen last year, but overall it was a Very rough year, and I'am really looking forward to a Healthy, Happy, & Postive New year.

We Started off New Years Eve Celebrating our Second oldest daughter Melissa's 13th Birthday, we let her invite a few close friends for a sleepover....we got all the typical New Years bash party items, like hats,horns,necklaces...put out a little buffet for the girls, had them decorate their own cupcakes and make bracelets...It went really very well. Hubby , myself, and our youngest children all settled in bed by 10-10:30.....the "party" girls did make it until midnight...but were quiet dissapointed in the Big Ball dropping...not as impressive as they thought it was going to be.

New Years Day we all woke up later than normal....Melissa's friends had all left by 10:00, no sooner did they leave and Baby Jonanthan cut his foot...I'am typically not one to rush the kids off for stitches ( after many LONG waits in the waiting room I have learned I ONLY go to the ER when I have to) Looking at his foot I surely needed to be stitched. We got to the ER and waited, and seemed like every sick person in the world was there....I almost wish I did not take him wondering what on earth he was going to come home with (Yuck!!!) He is such a little trooper....barely even cried and as usual had all the nurses and other patients giving him tons of attention and he was eating it up :)

So 6 stitches later we got home, he did really well until the numbing agent wore off and then it really started bothering him, the location of it is on top of his foot were it bends so its making it hard for him to walk without it hurting....My poor little bubba.

So there you have it thats how we spent our new year.....someone mentioned to me its all the bad things getting out of the way now....I sure hope thats the case and that this is not an insight of what my year is going to be.....wait let me rephrase that....My New Year is going to be is to staying positive and taking it all in Day by Day.

Wishing the Best to all my Family & Freinds for 2009!!!

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