Saturday, January 24, 2009


Its Saturday Another weekend Alan is gone again!!!! He flew out to Tallahassee home 2am this morning and is already on the road again for a store sale NY. I know I should not be complaining as he is a HARD worker and does well providing for his family but man does Mommy need a break :( Running the show solo I do get used to , but having the 3 extra children I watch, doing my McDonalds Job 30+hrs a week, taking care of the house, running the kids to all the activities, and trying to deal with getting ready to sell and to find a new house and preparing for my oldest daughter and her family on their move its really challenging.......I can do it, it will all work out, but just a day to re-charge would be exactly what I need. Adding to the stress is this COLD winter we are having.....I hate the winters, I literally do not leave the house untill I HAVE to ( games,church,grocery store ect) I become a total hermit. I'am looking forward to going with Alan house shopping with him for a day or 2 simply to get away from this Nasty cold weather & snow.....I'am soooo done with it!!!!

On a lighter note.....Jonathan started using the potty the day before he turned 20 months old.....he is really doing well, tells me when he has to go and just runs to the potty, however if I dont shut the door ....he has "oh so much fun" playing with the tiolet & the toilet paper......Man the mess this child makes....surely is the reason how I managed to keep the weight off. And now he is jumping not out of his crib ( although he CAN do that) but he has learned to BALANCE on the headboard of the crib and jump backwards onto the mattress.....The child is CRAZY!!!!!! mind you SEVEN children NO STICHES, NO BROKEN BONES........JONATHAN has officially broken that record, he already has had stitches on the top of his foot ( 6 to be exact) and severed his big left toe with 3 breaks, putting him on a round of IV antibiotics for the open break, 5 stitches, and 2 visits to the Pediatric surgeon.......and NONE of it slowed him down.

But I sure do love the little guy.....he is such a Mommy's boy....and I love it!!! although I'am trying to put an end to the nursing ( he is 20 months old) and as of lately he wont even take a cup, he comes running top me yelling "boob boob" "boob boob" I dont know how to even begin to stop him, I felt like I have tried different measures but nothing has worked!!!! do I continue to nurse him until after our trip to Disney....thinking that might help with the plane ride??? do I wait until after we move?? Any suggestions??? you would think with the amount of children I have nursed I would know this answer.....I'am really having such a hard time with it. maybe I should just keep nursing until I get Pregnant again and then call it quits??? I guess only time will tell......I just hope it is sooner rather than later :)

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