Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BIg News

Some very Big news for us here....Last week Alan was told he will be relocating for his job.......

to the Tallahassee Area....now he has a pretty wide range of where his Stores are going to be located so we really can go to Alabama,Gorgia,Florida......as of right now it looks like we are leaning twards Thomasville Gorgia......I have lived in Massachusettes my ENTIRE life.....grew up in the same town until I got married where we only moved 20 min away...everything I know has been here....we have welcomed and raised all our children here.....It really still seems "sureal".

Despite the fact that leaving my Best freinds & parents & grandmother behind, I'am actually looking quite forward to the move. I HATE New England weather.....I always say I wish summer would last longer.....this week is supposed to be the coldest it has been in a long time in the - numbers......BRRRRRR!!!! Alan fly's out next week to get introduced to his new area, and after that is ALL going to hit me at once.

We have found some beautiful homes with lots of rooms for any other additions we might add *wink*wink* ( now what would a house be without christening it with a new baby) And enough space to have FREQUENT Guests.....I'am determind that the kids will continue with their friendships they have here in Ma....as their best friends are truley more like family and each of them have someone special them.....I'am already excited to have a big sleep over, take kids on school vacations.....it is temporarily keeping me sane from thinking of the emotions of leaving them :( NOW....If I can convince the Jane & Jessica to ship their kids down....we would be very happy!!

I'am anxious to start a new chapter in our lives.....Alan and I had such a stressful 2008.....I really feel this is going to be a welcomed change for us.


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Angie Vinez said...

Julie! I am SO excited that you'll be moving down this way! That area in GA is a WHOLE lot closer than Massachusetts! Maybe we'll finally get to meet! :)

LOVE that you want to christen the new house with a new baby. That's what Gene and I have done every time! LOL!