Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another week

So Another week has again passed....The kids survived another week of School however....Swine Flu is running rampid in the schools 20 confirmed cases just in the middle being Melissa's friend .... Alan and myself both ended up getting it
( we have tried to keep it low key as to NOT freak the kids out)
....the children also had a touch of somthing....not sure what?? but each and everyone of them have complained of feeling crappy. Even still its been a week now and I just cant catch my energy back, but 100% better than how I was feeling and as we all know EVERYTHING happens at once, well the day before I started feeling really yucky, my tooth which I known has been cracked for a while started really bothering me, I can handle ANY pain but mouth pain...Sunday I was miserable and left a message with the dentist Praying that I could be seen, but not really thinking they would get me in.....and they DID!!! I hate going to the dentist have panic attacts about going and get myself all worked up....well this Dentist was wonderful!!! totally put me at ease....knew how tense I was and really took the time to make me feel comfortable......and I had Makenna & Jonathan with me that day....and he was totally understanding of me bringing them in.....they sat there for well over an hour and were sooooo good.....THANK GOSH!!! I think they really knew how much pain I was and did not dare to move.
The kids have been fighting terribly the past few days......I'am sure its all this adjustment going to a new school, getting used to the routine, ect....but the past few days are really driving me batty.
Jonathan is about 90% potty trained.....even wakes up dry during the I have not purchased diapers in 2 weeks.....I did get pull up pants.....but only because I had a GREAT coupon I got in the mail , along with this cute potty training kit .

Jarrett has really surprised both Alan and I ....he is loving school!!!! He is beyond anxious every morning to get ready, and comes home all smiles off the bus , but initially getting him in the classroom is a chore......he will cry for about 3 min and is fine....We are so proud of him as he has only been with one other person other than me or Alan , which is our good friend Jane .....she was the only person he has ever gone for him to leave us and stay all day
( 7am-4pm) is just somthing we really did not expect him to do.
Makenna did have one difficult day.....but we seem to have worked out why....Long story , but they have put her in a gifted class....and some of the children in the class are 8yrs old....and she is SUPER tiny to begin with so this seemed to be quite intimidating to her....but all is good for now :)
Weekend is over ....back to work
here is a picture of my little guy before school.

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