Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SlimPerfect (Review & Giveaway - 8/26) | 5 Vinez Monkeys#c2495757944076574393

SlimPerfect (Review & Giveaway - 8/26) 5 Vinez Monkeys#c2495757944076574393
O.K after having 7 babies my body has not been kind to me to say the least. I'am of small frame but all the constant weight gain, loss,gain,loss it has left me so very self concious of my body....especially when it comes to wearing a bathing suit. I saw that Angie of 5 Vinez Monkeys had recently posted about this slim perfect suit and I instantly knew this could be an answer to my prayers......I'am always outside by the pool with the kids....and I hate having people see me.....these suits look so slimming and at the cost they are right now I could not resist, buying not only one but TWO suits.....I got them in two different sizes to ensure one would fit. Check out the promo code and grab one for yourself :)

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Melissa said...

I recieved my Slimperfect suit and I have to say it is quite flattering on. I purchased 2 becuase they were on clearance, but both in differnet sizes...One does not fit me so I might have to find someone else to pass it on to or lose 5-10 more lbs.
Very happy with this product so it gets an A+ from me :)