Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lots of little Critters

Well now that school is in full swing its been pretty quiet here.....Just me and Jonathan now at home.....very strange considering just a few months ago I had not only my 7 children at home but our grandbaby Marley and her thats a house full of 9 kids....and now I just have ONE.....Like I said....really very strange.....I think both Jonathan and myself are trying to adjust to having a quiet house.
Our routine usually begins by getting everyone up and ready and out the door for 7am, I jump in the shower and drive Jarrett to school ( he is still overwhelmed by the bus) but considering he is only 4 I have NO complaints and actually enjoy driving, I end up going to the classroom and get to hang out with him and the class for about an hour or two, we get back home and I turn on Disney channel for him while I get caught up on my McDonalds work ...just the paperwork aspect and do my calls when/if he takes a nap, we then have lunch and take a walk out to the lake.......the other day I stopped in my tracks thinking that we had stumbled upon a scorpion....when we got closer noticed it was a crawfish, Jonathan was squeeling with excitement as he poked it with a stick until we turned him loose back to his home, we counted 27 turtles sitting on 2 logs in the lake which sit out there all day bathing in the sun until we get closer and they all plop back into the water, as we made our way back to the house we saw a frog that Jonathan refers to as "wibbet" and we put him in our little frog house for the other kids to see when they get home. We get up to the deck to find one of the tiniest lizzards.....the kids just love catching and playing with them but some of them are so darn fast they are hard to grab....well this one was so small he didnt run and just let us pick him up, he crawled up our arms and just let us watch him for quite some time until it was time for the little guy to go back home like all the other critters we had found. Its been so much fun just exploring outside with the kids and I love they get the "hands on" that I think kids really need. So me and my baby boy had a fun day , and with all that excitement he still did not want to take a nap ??

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