Saturday, December 27, 2008

The aftermath

Well another Christmas has come and gone.....Its such a fun and exciting day for everyone, all the anitcipation, the looks on the kids faces are priceless.....and then its gone....All the work, all the fun of it, over in just a few short hours.
This year we had All the children and now a second generation to enjoy. Our oldest daughter Meghan stayed over with her was so much fun to have ALL the kids together, and the grandbaby too.
It was nothing about gifts, but the time we spent together as a family and the traditions we share that make the day what it is. Although the kids did have a VERY nice Christmas and most of them recieved a Nintendo DS...They have waited years for one....Santa decided that with an upcoming Disney trip it would be a great thing for them to occupy them for the wait at the airport/ plane trip ( We had QUITE a delay last trip ...NOT fun being 36 weeks pregnant, a 1.5 year old and 5 other children). Jarrett & Jonathan got the Thomas Train table he is just in love with it.....I think it will be a much loved toy, that we will get many years of play with.

Alan is on vacation too so we have just been wearing P.J's and hanging out......Its a much needed "wind down" time we all need to recharge after the past few crazy weeks here.

Mallory had a Soccer tournament yesterday......Did not do so well,but she was thrilled to be playing, Jordan had a Basketball game today was a "big" game against his lifelong buddy ( our Godson) ....the boys all played well, We won and I was happy for them as a team, but would have been equally happy had the other team was just fun to go see them both play they are like family so its like rooting on one of their sibling or cousins.....They are now finishing it off with a sleepover at his house, and I traded for Ashley.....her and Miss Mallory ( our little cook of the family) are in the kitchen baking as we speak.

Christmas Day Jonathan decided on his own to use the potty....the whole day I would place him there and he would no means am I trying to potty train him but figured as long as he has intrest I will try.....Well I used the velcro cloth diapers during this time.....Yesterday he was playing so nice and quiet....I KNEW it was to good to be true.....I went upstairs only to find he fingerpainted with POOP!!!!!!!!! Holy crap ( literally) it was everywhere....And I still have no washer.....keeping my fingers crossed the next trip Sears makes out here they will have the right part....the piles are mounting and getting pretty scary.

Heres to another Fun Christmas......Until next year........

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The Happy Housewife said...

Funny we are headed to Disney next week. This is a great time of year to go, no crowds and nice weather!