Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another day

Its Thursday and the weekend is just about here.....Thank goodness!!
I think for the most part we are over the hurdle of everyone being sick....or at least I hope, Mallory said she was not feeling good last night and i think perhaps she might have strep....waiting it out a few days to see how she feels. She is the one here that is pretty prone to strep and we have already had a handful of notes sent home about it going around in at some point its pretty inevitable.
This has been my first full week with the children I'am babysitting, its going pretty well, although I must admit come time when they get picked up ( close to 6pm) I have been pretty much sucked of all my energy, I look forward to the spring when they can all go outside and play and we can do our visits to the Zoo and swimming ect....
Last night Alan and I were watching the show private practice....typically one of the only shows I will tune in and watch. Out of the blue he tells me I have to promis when we have another Baby he gets to name it if its a girl....of course I'am laughing at him not taking him serious at all...and he gets a little emotional and says "no you need to promis" I appease him and listen waiting for it to be somthing awful......."Mary-Kate" thats the name he wanted forJarrett & Jonathan if they were a girl....kind thought it was just a phase, but I guess he really has an attachment for the there it is ....When the time comes and if we have another girl her name will be "Mary Kate" so this will be one of those stories I can share many many years from now on how her name came about.

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