Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No more puke

Seriously I'am done with the lingering smell of Barfing children.....charmin description I know, but this stomach bug all started last Thursday and we are now Tuesday it has run through myself, ALL seven of the kids, plus our daughters boyfriend and our grandbaby. I have lost track of the amounts of laundry I have done, how many times I have run the dishwasher and how many cans of Lysol I have sprayed in attempts to dissinfect the germs in this house. Our little guy is still not seeming quite "himself" I guess its just taking a little longer to run its course, I feel so helpless as he is so little and I just want him to be his happy little playful self......all I can say is I PRAY this is it for season....I will gladly take the colds anyday.

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