Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Where to begin....Christmas is just 9 days away, with 7 children, 1 grandaughter, and a husband to hide gifts for this can be VERY tricky. I dont know how it happend but I was able to get a small window of time to myself. The baby was sleeping and my 13 & 10 yr old took the smaller children downstairs for a movie, so I was finally able to lug out all the gifts from their multiple hiding places and sort them into piles as to se"who do I still need to finish", who's stocking needs more, whos pile does not look as impressive, as I did this I noticed that my oldest son Jordan only had 2 gifts ...now mind you Christmas season for us is not only the time we Celebrate the Birth of Jesus, but this is the only time our children recieve gifts. We have chosen not to have Big elaborate Parties , but instead celebrate quietly at home with the family ..The only extended family that we do have around is my parents who even though they live 20 min away we only see them once a month or so due to everyones crazy schedules. We have always instilled in the Children its better to give than to recieve, so for them this is the only day in the course of a year that they do recieve gifts for themselfs, so we try our best to be creative, and think really hard about what they not would love , but can use and will get the biggest grin when they rip the paper off and see their gift. So I need to finish up my Boy Jordy's shopping.
Recently I started watching 3 other children which brings my household level to TEN on some days......6 of them are under the age of 5 , 3 being under the age of 1, thus being the reason I cannot get myself out of the house to do the shopping......So I'am counting down the days and hoping I can get this done before Christmas eve......I'am Miss organized so being this far behind us just killing me!!!!

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