Saturday, December 20, 2008


O.k so in this size family I typically do at least 4 -5 loads of laundry a day, I had just made a comment last week about how much I love our Front loading super size washers.( I really need to learn not to say things as I always jinx myself) Well after having the stomach bug run full force through our home and trying to keep up with washing sheets,towels,bathroom rugs ect bringing me up to 7-9 loads a day....wouldnt you know the washer broke!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!

Now not only is Hubby away for work, but with the 3 other children I now have in my home there is no way I can get 3 babies, 2 pre-schoolers, and multiple baskets of laundry to the laundro-mat.

Thank goodness it is under warranty, BUT we had to wait a week for Sears to come out...they were very nice but they have to order a part that is going to take until the day after Christmas to arrive....Which leaves an utterly impossible mission to accomplish....HOW DO I GET ALL THIS LAUNDRY DONE!!

The kids have a scary amount of clothing so not overly concerned with them....Hubby takes his work clothes to be drycleaned,but I 'am wearing the same jeans and bra for 3 days now, I'am wearing the last of my long sleeve shirts, and as alot of moms know we always make sure the kids are nicely dressed but seem to neglect our own wardrobe.

I'am overtired, overstressed, and feel totally over my head right now....I know it will get done it always does.....I just need to get to that point.

Just another day in our Crazy life :)

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