Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crazy Boys

So I recently opened up my home to take care of 2 other children ( 3 if you count my grandaughter) One is the same age as Marley who is 8 months, the other is 4, having a housefull anyway I knew that I could handle a few more, I did in my mind think that having 3 babies under 1 would be a challenge but manageable.....So far I was completley wrong!!!!!!! These babies together are I'am not able to take them all out as it is physically impossible for me to carry 3 of them to the car,store ect, BUT we have such a good schedule going, and they are such a delight watching them, I keep thinking wow....if this what its like to have twins....not so bad :)
Now the 2 older boys ( 3 & 4 ) That is another story, I tend to be very structured, and throwing another into the mix that does not seem to have as much is really throwing me off, I have come to appreciate my little terrors even more....The fighting , bickering, back talk is more than I'am use to. I also realized I CANNOT take a shower and think that the two boys will sit quietly on the couch and watch Curious George or The Polar Express........I tried this twice and BOTH times lord help me it looked like a tornado had hit right inside my very own living room........couch cushions off, cabinets open with wrappers and crushed crackers, even tiolet paper streamed the hallway floor. This is week 2 so hoping that each week that passes will get better and a little more organized or I might just have to run away ....very far away :)

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