Tuesday, July 7, 2009


The picture with the scrolled iron crosses & frame is from a catalog....that is what I'am "thinking" of doing over that open space above the couch.

This is our bedroom which has a large sitting room that has french doors onto the deck. This is what we came up with this weekend that Alan hung up....I think it came out really nice.....sorry about the glare....but they are all photos of my children....I love it!!

O.k So moving into the new house we are finding that NOTHING fits or looks they way it did in the other house, for the most part we have just had to move things around and get creative.

My biggest challenge is the wall in the Living room.....Its a big open space and I just dont know what to put there. I 'am posting a picture of what I'am "thinking" of doing. but would love any feedback or suggestions??

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Natalie said...

Well, first let me just say I am still jealous of your beautiful house! LOL! Second, I'm not sure I'm much help because, after living here 7 months now, I still have hardly anything on the walls.

The only room that's completely accessorized is Lauren's room. Part of the problem is that I've been waiting to get walls painted before hanging anything up. The boys' room is now done, but I don't have anything for their walls yet, except the crucifix that looks beautiful in there. The hallway and living room are now painted, but the only thing I know I'm putting up and where it's going is a mirror that I'm waiting for Shaun to spray paint for me. Oh, except for the spot right when you come in the front door where I put my cute "Home Sweet Home" wall hanging. Love that! The family room has outdated wood paneling, so I have no desire to put anything on the walls in there until we drywall over it. Who knows when that will happen? And our bedroom is AWFUL! We need new furniture, mattress, bedding, EVERYTHING, and I don't have any motivation to do anything else in there until we are able to get those things. So, that will probably have to wait until tax time next year. Then I'm gonna go CRAZY! LOL! It's kind of frustrating.

All that said, I really like the crosses and frame. Very pretty! What catalog is it from?