Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our 4th of July

We had a wonderful 4th of July here in our new home, as a matter of fact Alan, the kids and I all agree it was probably the best one we have ever had. We started the day out kinda just doing little things around the house, Alan invited 2 of the people that work for him over as both of them are alone with no families. I cooked up a storm in the kitchen with the help of Mallory & Melissa....Mallory has always been the little "chef" of the family and has always enjoyed helping me cook and will often take it upon herself to make brownies, smoothies, pasta or whatever else she can get her hands on, recently Melissa has been showing alot of intrest and helping out with the meals and I'am really enjoying the time we do that anyways we had cooked up a bunch of things to have for the cookout before Andy and Sergio arrived. Well they arrive with not only a CAR LOAD full of fireworks to do for the kids, but a huge fruit platter, a cold cut platter, and a cheesecake ( which is a weekness of mine ) .
Now back in Massachusettes fireworks are illegal, so when we first went to a Publix grocery store Jordan thought he hit the lottery looking at all the displays, so seeing what Andy and Sergio had brought over I swear he could not have been happier. We initially planned on setting them off by the lake, but because of the "creatures" that live down there ( poisonous snakes, snapping turtles and other bugs) we decided to light them off by the pool. The kids pulled up all the chairs and made a little audience while Andy and Jordan set them off and with each one the kids would give them a round of applause.......We did this for 2 hours and I have cranky kids today to show for it....but it really was a blast, I think this could possibly be a new 4th of July tradition for us :)

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cbdkndmom said...

How fun! That sounds like a great holiday. Glad everyone enjoyed themselves.