Saturday, July 18, 2009

I WON!!!!!

So a few weeks ago I was entering one of the great giveaways at 5minutes4mom for a super cool experiance to be trainer for a day at SeaWorld or Busch Gardens. I NEVER win anything but said to Alan " I REALLY would love to win this" My Children are such hands on outdoor kids so this would be just perfect......and now that we live less than 4hrs away from Orlando its a "do-able" trip not having to pay for 8+ peoples airfair plus we have our time share that we could use to stay in.

Well I logged on this morning to see that I WON!!!!!! I seriously thought at first that I must be reading it wrong.....but when I logged on to thier site sure enough #67 was me :)

So we have a year to use it.....Thinking it might be a really cool gift for Melissa .
Its such an oppertunity of a lifetime I still cant believe I won.

Guess it pays off to be a super thrifty, bargin hunting, coupon clipping, contest entering Mom of Seven :)

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cbdkndmom said...

Congrats Julie! That sounds awesome.