Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 18th

Another Saturday....another day of yard work.....Jordans new chore is to take care of the yard, with the size yard we now have he has been really looking forward to using the tractor and having this be "his" thing. Today he not only finished mowing the yard, but also used the edger and did the edging too, even took the blower and blew all the trimmings off the walkways and weeded the beds. He did such a good job and it was so cute as he let Jarrett steer while he held the gas down.

Both Jordan and Melissa finished golf camp this week and had a great time. I was really impressed in all that our local YMCA does for the kids. The camp provided breakfast , lunch, hats, a picture with certificate and busing back and forth to the local golf course...not bad for $80 which is what I paid in Massachusettes for 3 days.....totally did not even compare.

Mallory did the Camp Piney Woods through the YMCA where it ran from 7:30-5:30 all week. She got so much out of it as well..... horseback riding, archery,canoeing,B.B guns, arts & crafts....again cant believe how much they do for the kids there....really impressive. Mallory went with Diana the girl across the street as well as one of the girls that live down the street.

Long days here.....Alans entire week was long working 70+ hours and then top it off he is away all of next week for a convention in Orlando.

I'am pooped cant seem to get caught up on sleep with Jonathan NOT sleeping, I feel bad when he wakes up crying that it will wake Alan that I always go in and get week that will not be happening, this baby needs to get back on his sleep schedule, which has been the hardest part of our move......I miss my good sleeper :(

I dislocated my knee last Sunday, Alan was pretty horrified .....and I think even more so as I popped it back into has been feeling pretty sore and gave out the next day when I was trying to get the kids in the "Bus" not only did I give myself a giant bruise from the length of my knee cap to my ankle, but I looked like such a fool falling FLAT on my butt!!!
As of this week I officially started work for Alan, doing the customer complaints, cash audits and making gift baskets.....right now my bedroom is a disaster full of baskets and kids and myself are finding it WAY to tempting not to sneak into all the goodies.
Well off to bed week soon.
Keeping my fingers crossed this baby sleeps for his momma tonight.

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