Saturday, July 4, 2009

Our front porch.....I LOVE having a porch with the rockers. We sit there everynight watching the children ride their bikes, and play in the front yard. Its even so peacefull watching the thunderstorms. I have to say this is my dream home.


Natalie said...

JULIE!!! Your house is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Hang on while I wipe the drool off my keyboard....LOL! Congratulations! You certainly deserve it, my friend. How far away from Angie are you? Do you think you two will get to hook up one of these days?

What a beautiful place for the kids to grow up. And it looks so peaceful for you and Alan ;) We are loving it here in our new home, too. We had a great 4th hanging out with some of our new neighbors. Watching our kids running around with all kinds of other kids, doing fireworks, just having a blast, really made me happy. We just didn't have that at our other house. This feels like HOME.

I've missed ya, girl!

Blessed*with*Seven said...

Nat....Its SO nice to hear from you. Sounds like you are also loving your new home. I feel the same way. Although we loved our old house. We feel like this is REALLY home. I can let the kids run around outside & ride bikes with the neighbor kids and NOT stress ( our other house ALL the nneighbors were so uptight)

Sounds like a wonderful 4th of July for you all.

I think we are abour 3-4 hours from Angie....I hope at some point we can meet up that would just be wonderful!!! Where in FL are you guys going?? We are also just min from the FL border.
BTW: really sorry to hear about Rex, hope Shaun is doing o.k?

Well Glad to hear from you, hope we can stay in touch more :)

Until then ...Talk to you soon & enjoy your weekend :)


cbdkndmom said...

Your house is absolutely gorgeous! I am so jealous. A lovely view in front and in back. Color me green.