Friday, July 10, 2009

Its FRIDAY!!!!!!!

Jonathan swimming underwater to daddy

Mallory's First fish this year
Jarrett riding his bike.

Yay, yay, yay......Friday is finally here.

Its been a long week, but it turned out to be a nice one. I'am getting back into the swing of things here as well as the kids. We have been having daily "Tea Parties" with Makenna.....its her new favorite thing to do.....we found an old tea set while I was unpacking and she could not wait to use it, today she dressed up in this thick heavy dance custume....mind you she looked adorable, but the neighbors must of thought she was insane wearing it in 90' weather playing outside, she really is such a character.

Mallory and Melissa have been playing with the two girls across the street Dara & Diana, both of similar ages to them, they have been spending alot of time swimming in the pool or riding bikes in the neighborhood, but it still is not the same as having their best buddies here with them. Melissa & Kaylee have been chatting on Facebook together and Mallory and Lizzie have also talked on the phone....they are equally driving me crazy thinking that we can just up and fly down on a seconds notice, I feel bad but also excited for the day that the can see each other either here or there. Both of them start camp next week and are REALLY excited. Mallory is doing Horseback riding camp and I know she is just going to have so much fun. Melissa & Jordan are doing golf camp and I'am hoping that they both meet some new friends that they will be going to school with.

Jarrett is still his "Momma's" boy he loves being at my side at all time which I dont mind, Its funny though I can see in just the past month how much he has changed. He is a SUPER swimmer and can keep right up with the older children, and he has completely mastered riding a bike with no training wheels....He is SOOOO proud of himself, however thats all he wants us to do is "watch" him riding .

My little Jonathan is still being catered to by all his brothers & sisters....the kids fight over him daily on who is going to put him to bed....I for one dont care as long as he is sleeping. He also learned to floaties, just jumps right in and swims under water to you, he is truley our youngest swimmer yet.

We got to see Marley on the webcam the other day .....she looked so sweet standing and walking....I just wanted to reach in and grab her.

Alan is off now for the next two days...I think we might head to the Gulf Coast this weekend...we were told you can see the dolphins right from the shore and their are lots of shells.....I dont know who will enjoy it more me or the kids :)

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